In-state CC transfer chances? Low GPA...

<p>Hey, Washington resident, Bellevue College student here looking to transfer to UW-Seattle in Fall or Summer.</p>

I didn't do so well in high school because of laziness and a few obstacles I had to overcome. As soon as I turned 18, my parents forced me to pay rent while living at home on top of my own insurance plan, gas, phone bill, car repairs, etc.. Long story short, I didn't have a lot of money, so I was only able to take two classes per quarter for my first year at BC. I chose an electrical engineering direct transfer agreement, and loved it. I applied to Ohio State University, was admitted, but did not enroll because of the hefty $40,000/year price tag. Only thing is, I'm a little (actually a lot) worried about my gpa and whether or not I will get in...</p>

-Precalculus, C
-Computer Science, B</p>

-Calculus I, B-
-Advanced Computer Science, C+</p>

-Calculus II, B
-English 101, B-</p>

-Calculus III, B-</p>

<p>Fall (finally able to go to school full time)
-Calculus IV, B+
-Physics with calculus I, B
-French I (nothing else fit my schedule and I figured I could knock out an elective credit), C+ </p>

<p>I'm currently taking
-Calculus V (equivalent to Math 324 at UW)
-Linear Algebra
-Differential Equations</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Worked at a grocery store full time from June 2010 to present.</p>

<p>So far I'm doing well in these classes, I plan on finishing with good grades; however, my current GPA is a 2.68....which is abysmal. If all goes well and I get A's in each class, my GPA will be a 2.98...Still pretty bad. In my personal statement, I didn't hold anything back or try to sugar coat anything. I figured that talking to them like a realistic person would be the smartest option. By no means was I pessimistic, but I did write a lot about my experiences with working full time while going to school, taking on responsibilities that not all 18 year old kids had to, and having to work my butt off to make sure that I stayed in school. I wrote a lot about my personal financial hardships, personal reasons of why I had to miss classes (three deaths in the family in the same year), not giving up when outcomes looked grim, etc.</p>

<p>So, any help is appreciated.</p>


<p>I think your essays will be the determining factor. Your high school stats won’t matter, as you’ll be a rising junior. It may be a bit of a reach, but as long as your essays are persuasive enough (None of that oh-pity-me crap), you’ll have a chance. </p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks. I felt like my essay was really heartfelt and honest. I didn’t include any “oh-pity-me” crap. I just described obstacles that I had and how I overcame them. I answered all of the required prompts and most of the optional prompts (the one’s that applied to me) clearly and concisely. I just hope that showing that I’m capable of balancing a full time work schedule and going to college (albeit not as well executed as I’d like it to be…) goes a long way in the decision process. Even if I got in, I don’t have enough credits to directly transfer into the EE or Astronomy major, so I would be considered a “pre-major.”</p>