In-State chances for UCSD UCLA and UCBerkeley

<p>I am a bit worried because I have a bunch of significant extracurriculars but a (relatively) poor GPA for these top Ucs. Considering the fact that they emphasize gpa/sat/satiis greatly I am starting to get really worried about my chances at these schools</p>

<p>Intended Major: Economics (not the bus. econ major la offers..just economics)</p>

UC GPA ( sophomore + junior year)=4.08 <---is UCGPA soph+junior+ 8 semesters weighted?</p>

<p>SAT:2200 (M770 CR730 W700 E 12)
SAT IIs: M730 Chm730 Ush770
APs: I have taken 4 and got a 5 on all of them</p>

<p>Course rigor: Hardest in School, only sophomore to be in math level above pre-calc (took BC)</p>

<p>ECs ( This list consists of only what "counts" for the UC forumla)
Four significant leadership positions (Captain, President(x2),Vice President)
600 hours of Hospital volunteering
Placed in the top three in four state and national level FBLA events (the two national level events had over 450 people nation wide and focused on business management and micro econ)
Placed first in a semi-competitive science fare 250 competitors
Attended Academic Connections summer program
Played Varsity sport for Two years (JV for first two)
CSF member for two years </p>

<p>Considering my relatively low GPA for these schools how do you think I would fare in SD LA Berkeley admissions next year? Growing up I always assumed I would have a minor edge seeing as I am instate but because of the economy recently it looks like it may even be a slight disadvantage. </p>

<p>Any comments are appreciated and if you guys have any recommendations for private schools I would have a shot at I would love to hear them.</p>

<p>for UC's i think they take 8 weighted classes into your GPA. UCB and UCSD i'm almost positive you're in, UCB 8/10 chance UCSD 9/10. UCLA is outrageously competitive, i can't believe some of the people that they've turned down...i'd say high target/low reach. good luck!</p>

<p>UCB Used to be harder but now it seems LA is harder to get into
ur W gpa is low
your scores and ec's looks good</p>

<p>Ohhh I was of the impression that it was only 8 semesters of weighted classes. If it is indeed 8 classes then my W GPA should be higher. Ill go look around for the real way to factor in the classes and ill post back. thanks for all the input..anyone else?</p>

<p>It is only 8 semesters and not all classes high schools weigh qualify. There is no sure thing at the top UCs now, space is limited.</p>