In-State Law School Tuition at Cal After Two-Years Working in D.C.?

<p>Question: My son graduated from college and will be working for two years at a law firm in Washington D.C. before applying to law school. He has had permanent residency in California since he was 3 years old. He graduated from a California high school but attended a private university on the East Coast. [...]</p>

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<p>Isn't there a provision that D.C. residents qualify for in-state tuition in any state? (They have to live in the District, though, not the suburbs).
This may, however, just apply to undergraduate tuition.</p>

<p>You're right, levirm, when you say that this D.C. tuition provision (which gives funding to D.C. residents to attend out-of-state institutions at in-state prices) doesn't apply to grad school. In fact, only those earning their FIRST bachelor's degree are eligible, and no student can apply for funding more than six years after his or her first term in college. So the Berkeley-bound law student would be out of luck on a couple different fronts.</p>