In State or Out of State?

I am currently looking at the schools Kennesaw State and Virginia Tech. KSU is in state for me and will be much cheaper. However VT is out of state but is a higher ranked school. Will the return on invest from Virginia Tech make it better to go there instead of KSU?

The first thing to asses is whether you even have an option, so sit down and do the math, the abstracts are for later. Talk to your parents, get a FAFSA EFC ballpark, run the NPCs, and list your stats. You have other instate options?

Possibly UGA but I’m not 100% confident I will be accepted there. I also want to major in CS btw.

@jamescbarber32 Strictly in terms of tuition and room and board, you are looking at approx. $80,000 in additional expense over 4 years if you were to go to VT.

  • How long might it take to recoup that once you are employed, and will you make substantially more money because your degree is from Tech?
  • Will you or your family be taking out loans for your education?
  • Are you counting on merit scholarships to help with costs? Tech doesn't hand those out to the degree that some other schools do.
  • If cost is technically not an issue and your parents are paying for your education even if you go OOS, would they consider applying the amount saved by staying in-state to either grad school or gift it to you post-graduation? $80,000 makes for a nice down payment on a home.

If you can’t get into UGA, why would that be? What is your GPA and PSAT/SAT ACT if you have those?