in state-or out state tuition

<p>i;m in sort of a "special" situation. we moved to NY a 2 years ago and after a year, my dad got tired of his job and decided to quit...something about too much pressure from GE. anyways...he relocated to Michigan while my mom and my little brother waited in NY to sell the house. and if pay attention to the news, you'll know that the housing market is worse than a 2 dollar hooker without legs. wow that was disgusting. anyways...I'm about to graduate and thinking of applying to Umich but money is a big issue. so i was wondering if they will count me as Instate or Out. i read the residency policy and i swear that is design for someone with a Ph.D. in English. </p>

<p>if anyone has any information that would be greatly appreciated. and please no stories about 2 dollar hookers.</p>

<p>thank you very much</p>

<p>If you're transcripts come from a high school in NY I think your residence will be obvious.</p>

<p>No it's not that simple, dntw8up. </p>

<p>Forget about hearsay from high school students posting on CC; they are only guessing. For the real answer, you need to call the Admissions Office and ask them. If your father has been living in Michigan for a year -- and moved there with the intent of becoming a permanent resident -- and if he is currently working and paying taxes there, you may very well be considered in-state for the purposes of tuition. Call NOW!</p>

<p>Forget about snotty remarks from worried moms posting on CC; they only think they know everything.</p>

<p>I second worried_mom; I would call</p>

<p>I am sort of in the same situation, but my parents are divorced. When I talked to them, they determined that I would be considered out of state because I have lived out of state and my transcripts come from out of state. My impression is that after the first year though, i can call my dad's house my home address and apply again for in-state. I would call though, as there might be differences from my situation.</p>

<p>that was another thing i was wondering about. can i apply for in-state after each year, so that my freshman OOS status doesn;t stick with me for 4 years?</p>

<p>Isn't it too late to apply to UMich anyway? Unless I'm misreading it and you've already applied?</p>