In-state tuition scholarships for OOS

I recently watched a YouTube video where a MN resident was accepted to UMich and received a scholarship that gave her in-state tuition. Has anyone heard of this? If so, is this awarded on primarily high stats or is it more holistic? My kid will be applying OOS this coming cycle to engineering.

I couldn’t find anything on the website about this kind of award. There are many many named scholarships, however, but none that seemed to fit what the YouTuber was referring to. I spoke with the financial aid office. The representative said if it is a thing, then it would most likely be awarded at the school level. So, looks like I should ask a broader question, has anyone received any merit based grants from the School of Engineering as an OOS student? Many thanks!

Generally speaking, lots of Universities give scholarships (through a monetary award) that effectively brings OOS tuition to in state, but they are usually not allowed to give in state tuition to OOS students. Usually this has to done at the state legislature level (to give some class of OOS applicants a waiver for in state tution (e.g. children of veterans)) I don’t know if Mich legislature has any waivers for any particular class of OOS applicants to get this but I doubt it.

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Not Michigan but here are a couple of schools that offer it
FSU Florida State University has an instate tuition waiver scholarship

University of New Mexico

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When even the Financial Aid Office doesn’t know, ask @sushiritto!! Thank you!! :pray:

He’s a good dude. These are very hard to get and their not plentiful. There are also outside scholarships that can award tuition. But you asked about engineering and those are lsa.

Don’t count on getting these. Consider yourself lucky if you do…well these are cross major also

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The @sushiritto and @Knowsstuff tag team—gets it done! :laughing::+1:. Thank you both!

Sorry if this post is a bit late, but I think I can add some context as the financier of an OOS Electrical Engineering major who just finished her undergrad degree.

First of all, there are a lot of opportunities for merit based engineering scholarships, and they get better the closer you get to graduation - they are all listed on the College of Engineering website; I encourage you to take a look.
I am not aware of any scholarships that will give ‘in-state’ tuition for an OOS student, but there are ones that will pay ‘full’ tuition regardless of whether you are in state or out of state.
I’ll list a few items below to take a look at, but I will be honest - they are all very competitive. As everyone should know, it all depends on how hard the student works for what they want. That starts with very good time management, which then allows the student to do more things while at college, which results in opportunities.
My Daughter was not the smartest kid in her college [there are a lot of incredibly talented kids to attend UMich engineering…], but she was willing to put the extra time in to get the grades and opportunities she wanted.
As an OOS student, there are lots of small scholarships from company or industry associations - around $1-3K per semester or year - they add up. They are all listed on the Engineering departments websites. As you get closer to senior year, there are larger corporate ones from large companies like Boeing worth $5k or more… again they add up.
There are other scholarships available if you participate in clubs or extra-curricular activities at the University. My daughter was in the Michigan Marching Band for her undergrad - did you know they offer scholarships for upper classmen who become section leaders? $5.5k… agaIn they add up…
The big scholarship my daughter got though was the Class of 31E Engineering scholarship. Each year a group of alums pick 7 or 8 engineering Sophomores to receive a 4 year scholarship. It competitive, and based on your Freshman GPA and extracurricular activities [my daughter’s was the Michigan Marching Band, which is a significant time investment for an Engineering student and they know it…] They don’t provide full tuition, but the amount given is double for OOS students they select.
All told, my daughter received $107,500 in scholarships over 4 years as an OOS student, and she earned every bit of it on her own.
BTW - check out the SUGS program for Engineering Grad school. My daughter is going back for 1 more year to get her masters degree, and received a TA position that pays full tuition plus a monthly stipend, which means no money out of pocket to get her Engineering Master’s degree.


Wow! And thank you.

Congratulations to your daughter. It certainly sounds like she worked very hard to achieve such great results. I saw the listings of scholarships on the website, but it didn’t register that one student could get over $100k in scholarship money. Very encouraging. Did your daughter receive any money as an incoming student or were you full pay for the first year?

That’s awesome. I need to speak to my son that just graduated :joy::mortar_board:… Never heard of someone getting that much money but that is awesome on every level.

The University of South Carolina may have the most clear-cut program. If you have an ACT score of 29 they provide half the difference and then with an ACT of 31, the OOS scholarship brings you in line with in-state tuition.

That said, I would be surprised if Michigan has such a program. Perhaps the student is just suggesting that her net cost is now equivalent to in-state tuition.

Full pay the first year, including dorm room and board. Pretty much everyone goes to off campus housing 2nd year though, and it’s cheaper. I budgeted about $1300/month for rent, utilities, food, and miscellaneous and that was plenty. Just had to account for rent in the summer months - sublease or stay on campus and get a research job or similar…

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The 31E Scholarship is very good…The vast majority of that amount as it was a 4 year scholarship.

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Based on my knowledge of UMich Engineering, they do not offer such a program because they do not need to. My Daughter had a ACT of 34 and was initially deferred/waitlisted. It’s pretty competitive to get in, and of those, only a few get first year scholarships. When she was applying, Purdue had such a program - if you had a specific ACT you got in-state tuition automatically… so many students from Illinois go to Purdue Engineering you think it was a legit brain drain… all my neighbors kids attend Purdue [and drive past U of I to get there…]

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Co-op housing. Much cheaper. Includes everything. Some have chefs so like foods included. Truth is very close to the Diag and Ross. There are 14 other ones all over campus. Just saying.

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Don’t bank on the scholarship. Very difficult to get. As stated above their are department ones but I wouldn’t bank on that either. Very easy to get a job on campus. Some pay decently. Engineering co-op and or summer internships can pay around $15-25,000 but don’t count on it due to pandemic. My son’s was canceled. Agh… But snagging 2 during your kids 4 years could definitely help.

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Generally agree with your statements, but the philosophy we used was focus on jobs that enable your major… so instead of a part time job, the focus was participating in the Wilson Center Engineering project clubs: Joining MROVER freshman year and working a summer research position enabled 3 successive summer internships that all paid in the range you listed above. Bigger companies still had internships regardless of the pandemic, but I know a lot of my daughter’s friends had internships cancelled in 2020.

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Well not Kohler international… Lol… They canceled their internship. My son also did Chegg in Israel and started a mixed reality student organization at Michigan which led to winning grants etc

His job was at the School of Innovation and was the only undergrad…

I could go on but Michigan has so many opportunities if you just look for them. He thankfully was able to do engineering study abroad in France.

Everything led to his current job. It’s an international company with one year in the states and 3 years abroad in a leadership rotation program. They came to Michigan specifically.

Take advantage of everything that Michigan offers.


yep that’s the way to do it. My daughter started with MROVER [design a mars type rover for a college level competition] and volunteered to help a professor with his research project - got to work with grad students. That led to a paid summer research job on campus after freshman year. Another year of MROVER as a student team lead led to the next summer working for NASA/JPL in Los Angeles on Project Europa. Junior year at Amazon [from my basement due to COVID] and last summer again at Amazon [in Seattle this time] Project Kuiper designing satellite antennas. Returned to campus last month for her masters with a full time offer from Amazon ready to go upon graduation. Unfortunately no time for study abroad, something she was interested in doing just didn’t work out.

I totally agree there are so many opportunities at Michigan - not just in class. the work in clubs/research/student projects lead to internship opportunities.

Congrats on your son’s new position - the 3 year rotation program abroad sounds like an exciting opportunity for a new grad!