In-Staters Start Getting Decisions.....?

<p>So the Commitment to Delawareans states we will start hearing back on a rolling basis on Jan 1 but considering mail hasn't been running these two days has anyone heard? Is it possible to call and see if they have made a decision yet or will we just start getting our letters in the mail tomorrow?</p>

<p>Decisions came out Friday super happy to find out I got into the Honors Program with a bit of money too, but not as much as I would have hoped. How did everyone else do? Are you all going to be going to UD decision days in April?</p>

<p>We are OOS. Just wondering, were results posted online, or was it in the mail....</p>

<p>^^only students in-state have been notified; UDel notifies their own Delaware residents prior to the March decisions for OOS students</p>

<p>Rodney, I am aware of OOS notifications not coming til April. I was wondering if there was anything online that indicated acceptance, or if everyone had to wait for a letter.</p>

<p>I seem to recall last year, that some people learned of their acceptance online. There was some sort of snafu, that caused an uproar over a mistake. I am wondering of this year, if there is still some sort of online clue or not.</p>


<p>^^gotcha....didn't realize it was a notification question...hopefully OP will respond....!</p>

<p>socaldad: My DD found out online (it was about the third Sat in March - 2010). Nice personalized packet followed a few days later. They did have that online issues last year, so perhaps my info isn't helpful. They could have changed things.</p>

<p>Last year on Friday, March 11, initial acceptance notifications were available on an applicant's My Blue Hen site. There was an initial snafu (which I don't have time to delineate in detail) with some students apparently being invited to sign up for accepted students day along with a congratulations statement which was not accurate. I believe about 60 students accessed the site and saw this. UD rectified the system error fairly quickly (depending on your point of view) and only students actually accepted could continue to procede with the acceptance process. It appears that they mailed out most of the acceptance packets on Friday/Sat as well as students began to receive them on monday. It will be intersting to see what they do this year. I would begin to check the My Blue Hen site on Friday, March 9 to see if anything is posted. However only the written letter/packet of acceptance is official.</p>

<p>a bunch of my friends have been getting letters back from UD but i know an equal amount that have yet to receive any letters... including me.
i'm hoping that later this week i'll get something?
i'm pretty sure the ones who submitted their application late get notified later.
i think i submitted my application the day of or the day before the dec 1 deadline.</p>

<p>You can still find out online prior this year though its not quite so detailed, your blue hen home just says congratulations and I believe instructs you on how to make a deposit. It also will have a tab for the honors program if you were accepted into it. I know of one student in my school who did not get her letter but says she has the notification on her blue hen home that I referenced. Some students have not heard at all, but they all, that I know of, applied by the Dec 31st deadline. Anyway best of luck to everyone!</p>

<p>My daughter just got a letter today with an honors college acceptance. I don't know why her friends found out earlier and later... But we are happy to receive it now, it makes waiting on the other schools!</p>

<p>4yorkshiremen - Are you out of state? Your location is listed as Philadelphia</p>

<p>We are in Delaware, but I can be downtown in Philly way faster than I can get to Newark , DE!</p>

<p>What were your SAT scores and how much did you get for your scholarship? Thanks.</p>