In the US (needing advice b/c I'm ready to give up)

I graduated high school six years ago, and I have neither finished college or received a degree. I have been trying to earn a degree in the medical field for almost 4 years now. After high school, I started college and took courses to be accepted into a nursing program. After submitting my application, I wasn’t accepted the first time. I sat out for a year, and after reapplying, I was finally accepted. I only lasted one semester and was dismissed for poor grades.

I realized nursing was too difficult for me. I started to research other careers in Healthcare and discovered occupational therapy. After research, I decided to become an occupational assistant because only an associate’s degree is excepted. Once getting a AA, I would go on for occupational therapy. I found a technical college that offered it, and after submitting all my credits, I was accepted. I made it up until this past month and was dismissed. I was almost done. My grades were mostly A’s and B’s for several terms. I failed a challenging course and was dropped. As of now, I am devastated and am ready to throw in the towel. I really want to get into a career working in the medical field, but I don’t know how to get past the school hump. Are there easier careers where the school is easier?

Maybe look into becoming a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant).

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The question really is though, why are you failing?

Too stressed?

Not enough studying?

Bad time management?

Simply do not have the ability to?

Priorities in the wrong order?

Never really learned how to learn?

You should try to answer those questions, and some others that you can think about first, to identify the problem. The reason I say that is because all you’ve done is tell me that you’ve failed and failed and want something easier.

In your post, you never actually said why you got poor grades. I could be wrong, but if you’re leaving that out, I’m assuming you don’t actually know the root cause of your failures. Or if you do, you’re scared of facing them.

If you know the root cause, you can fix it.

If you can fix it, maybe you can end up a nurse.

@TheBigChef gave a good idea of CNA, but do note, CNAs don’t exactly make pay that you want to make a career out of. The pay is good enough when you’re young, but you’re not going to want to make CNA pay forever. There’s typically a reason it is used as a stepping stone for experience hours for nursing and med school students who will later move onto something else bigger.


Can you appeal the decision? Failing a single class sounds like terrible grounds for being dropped from any program worth its salt. Your grade history suggests your appeal would be strong.