Including a website or a slideshow in your application

I was speaking with my guidance counselor and she told me that something I can do to try to make my application stand out is to include, in addition to filling out the standard fields on the Common App, a link to a website or an attachment of a PowerPoint. Both would essentially present my resume, extracurriculars, awards, etc. in a more visual format.

We were discussing my interests in technology/coding/HTML and she suggested it could be a good way to make my application be a little ‘different.’ I was a little skeptical since I’m not sure if admissions officers really want to take the time to go through something that would present much of the same info as what’s already on the Common App (it would likely include what I don’t fit on the CA).

What do you guys think?

Admissions officers aren’t going to take the time to visit a website or read a powerpoint. You’re betting off saying something like this: “Designed 4 websites. Generate 4,000 visitors weekly. Learned coding in 6 languages. Wrote award-winning research paper on benefits of HTML.”