Including Vocals as part of my Application (Music Portfolio, Video Portfolio?)

Would it be okay to showcase my vocals as my music portfolio having been a part of the Western Band at school? (I.e. I do not sing western classical, apart from musical/Disney/jazz numbers, nor do I have accreditation in singing).

I do have a website that contains all my live performance videos in Western Band.

I also could maybe sing an original song in the 2 minute Video Portfolio that we may also submit. I’m wondering if that might be a good idea.

A music supplement would include a recording or video, a music resume, and letter(s) from teacher(s) or director. In general, the advice is that your talent should justify the submission, but you don’t necessarily need an impressive resume or awards/prizes etc. You want to show that you can contribute something on campus and to the class mix, and that you are “passionate” to this pursuit. And don’t be afraid to ask admissions, as well. Good luck!