Including your personal blog in your apps

<p>I have a personal blog which I frequently update with expressive observations and reflections on my life. It's very expressive and I feel like it could showcase my writing skills and my insightful-ness. </p>

<p>I want to include it on my resume/application, but I'm not so sure I should, since it IS quite personal and I have used maybe a spare swear word in there. </p>

<p>What do you think?
I can pm the link to anyone who wants to see for themselves if it's ok.</p>

<p>If the blog includes topics like boyfriends/girlfriends, complaints about school, gossip, or anything other than reflection and intelligent thought that would be seen as objectively and/or academically valuable - then I would strongly advise against it. Ultimately, however, it's your call. Good luck.</p>

<p>Well I just skimmed your first page, and it's definitely shows intellectual curiosity. But I agree with Elanorci.</p>

<p>I liked it, but it's all up to whatever you want. :)</p>

<p>P.S. I wish I was motivated enough to start and keep a blog. So nice job! :D</p>

<p>If you really think certain posts would be valuable, you might consider pre-screening the blog and making other posts private, leaving only more academic/intellectual ones for adcoms to see. I still think it's a risky move, though.</p>

<p>I think that it is a very bad idea, with a potential downside and essentially no upside. With luck some curious admission office would click on the link and spend 30 seconds on the blog. Whether that random event, and the impression that follows helps or hurts is impossible to control. Impress the admission committees with actions -- grades, ECs, etc. and not with words.</p>

<p>No one is going to take the time to click onto a URL in your electronically scanned application. That one step would make it a deal breaker for most. Why? Because while for you, it's intimate and personal, for readers it's meh and they wouldn't see the value in opening up something and then do what? Scan through pages of stuff. Don' t think it'll happen. Omit it.</p>

<p>Mention the blog, but omit links to it. You have plenty of opportunities to tell your story, but they don't want or need to know everything about you. You could put it in one of your activities, and one of the common app questions says to write a few sentences about one of your ECs (I think...) - that would possibly be a good place to put it.</p>

<p>Showcase your writing skills in your essay and by winning some writing contests.</p>

<p>I doubt that busy admissions officers are going to spend that much time reading your blog.</p>

<p>There's a huge difference between a personal blog and a professional blog. If yours discusses one particular topic (like Cal Newport's "Study Hacks") and you are a big presence in that blogging community, then you could include. Otherwise, it's likely to come off as trite, since it's essentially a diary online.</p>

<p>Under your extracurriculars, mention your blog. And don't provide the url, but include one of your favorite excerpts from your blog if you think they really showcase your writing skills</p>

<p>Also, pm me the link, I'd love to read it and give you more advice</p>