Income being asked in Main application itself

Some colleges (like UCs) have a mandatory question for 2020 income of parents in the main application itself. I am not talking about any scholarship application or the FAFSA or the CSS profile.

I have 2 questions:
a) How does this income affect the admission decision? I know most colleges say their admissions decisions are need-blind, but I don’t fully believe it.
b) ) If the student is admitted, does the Unversity verify the income and how?


The UC’s parent income is informational and will be used to determine if a student qualifies for a fee waiver. They are indeed need-blind so admission decisions are not based on the income information.
Need blind however does not mean meets full need, so there is always a parent/student contribution required even for students with $0 EFC.

Any financial aid will be determined by the submission of the FASFA and by the Financial aid office not admissions.

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