Incoming Freshman - Help Please!!

<p>Recently, quite a bit has been going on. College is still a complete messed up ball of yarn for me. It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone could provide a general guide to what an incoming freshman should do over summer.</p>

<p>-When/Whom do I contact Cornell about work-study?
-When do I get the dorm assignment notice?
-Are there any more opportunities for tours, sit-in classes, or overnight stays?
-Are there certain books or classes I should prepare for over the summer (besides the recommended summer reading book)? - I will be attending the college of arts & sciences.</p>

<p>Any extra tips would be greatly appreciated as well!!! Thank you very much!</p>

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<p>On your FinAid papers, the amount they list as FinAid is the amount the school can pay you AND is tax free if you report your taxes the next year.
It's not given to you right off the bat, you have to get a job working for Cornell.
To get this Work Study money, you can ask to work in different parts of the school like the dining hall, library, or book store. To make sure that the money you earn is covered under Work Study, you have to indicate it on the application. You can get the application on Cornell's website, or if you go in person and ask for the form.</p>

<p>Dorm assignments come in around June-July.</p>

<p>They have tours like almost everyday. If you go to Day Hall on Campus, they have groups that offer tours from there, if you are in Ithaca.</p>

<p>I think you get the booklist around August. It's emailed to you, I think... If it's not, check Cornell's Website. Click the link 'Student'. Enter pass, etc., and then find the list in August-ish.
Besides, you should probably enjoy Summer as much as you can with friends and family anyways. Don't worry about classes. The first two weeks of classes are all about adjusting, and figuring out what you need and preparing for the whole semester.</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch, but when do I contact Cornell about work-study?</p>

<p>And sorry about the unclear question, but I meant books outside of the Cornell summer reading list. Should I be reading The Elegant Universe, dummy's guide to college chemistry, etc....?</p>

<p>Oh, and some other questions I've been wondering about:</p>

<p>-What should I bring to the dorms? (eg. microwave???)
-Can I cook at Cornell? :O</p>

<p>There's really no need to do any reading outside of the required summer reading.</p>

<p>You should probably bring a fan, and a minifridge. You could also rent a microfridge from Cornell if you want both a fridge and a microwave in your room. Otherwise, the dorms will have communal kitchens with microwaves (so yes, you can cook!)</p>

<p>you cannot bring your own microwave to the dorm though, that's not allowed.</p>

<p>what do you mean about contacting Cornell about work-study? when you apply to a specific job (say, in a dining hall, or working at a desk) part of the application will ask whether you have work study. the people straightening you out with all of your paperwork will probably be able to guide you through the rest. I do not actually have work study, but I know that when I got my job at Cornell they asked me if I did it so I'd have been able to get that taken care of with them. between any financial aid paperwork and the regular stuff you need for a given job, you should be all set.</p>

<p>read lots of fun books that you want to read! I love the summer because I have more time to read whatever random stuff I feel like trying. right now I'm reading an awesome book that's kinda related to my minor, but not because I want to be better at it or something, but because I'm obviously minoring in an area I find interesting in the first place. last year I read a book about poetry. I read some Brian Greene a year or so before I came to Cornell and it has actually helped me in a few rather nerdy conversations. I originally read it for my own entertainment though.</p>

<p>I really want to go on a campus tour at some point while I'm at Cornell this summer. I definitely pass for a pre-frosh and I could just pretend to be myself a few years ago. :D</p>

Ahh... I thought work-study itself meant working for Cornell.</p>

<p>So let me rephrase the question, then. When should I contact Cornell to apply for a specific job (as in over the summer or after orientation)?</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch, everyone! Your replies have been really helpful. ^_^</p>

<p>You need to look for a job on your own. Cornell won't find it for you. Go to Cornell career center website, you will see all the listings. It's up to you to apply. My daughter applied before she showed up for orientation, and had interviews set up during orientation. She started work first week of school. They have both work study eligible jobs and regular jobs.</p>

<p>Oh I didn't mean to ask Cornell to help me find a job. But you did answer my question, though, oldfort. :) I didn't know how to apply. I didn't realize they had a career center.</p>


<p>Job</a> Postings for Cornell Students</p>