Incoming freshman (premed/biomedical engineering)

I can’t wait till fall quarter begins, may I ask for any advices?

@AveragePremed : Advice about what?

How go study, what to be careful for, what I should do now, those kind of stuff

  1. Organization and good time management is key. Quarter system requires you hit the ground running so you need to be on top of all your college work on day one.
  2. Take a lighter load between 13-15 quarter units for Fall quarter until you get use to the pace of the quarter system.
  3. You will be registering for classes during orientation but I would look over your course requirements, explore some GE and major course options and look up Professors for these courses on Ratemyprofessor to get an idea of whom to take. CHE 2A General Chemistry is a known “weed out” class for Pre-Meds so definitely look for the best Professor rating possible.
  4. Do not hesitate to ask for help by visiting the Professors/TA office hours or extra tutoring if you find yourself struggling early on.
  5. Most important is do not get overwhelmed with all the new and exciting changes/challenges as a college student. Take time to explore your surroundings by way of bicycling and getting involved some clubs/EC’s. Check out the UCD Craft center for some fun stress free activities:
    Enjoy your time at UCD.

Take advantage of the free tutoring offered in the dorms. Don’t wait until the day before a midterm or final when the rest of the dorm will be trying to get help as well.