Incoming freshman willing to answer questions

The title says it all.
Clarification -
I’m currently a senior and submitted my SIR for Berkeley a couple weeks ago. I will be an Integrative Biology major, with an emphasis in Human Biology. I’m premed.

Information About Me -
Accepted to: UCLA, UCSD, UCD, UCI (with Honors), USF (San Fran), USD, and University of Portland (with Honors)
Rejected: Stanford
I received substantial scholarships from the 3 private universities listed above, but the cost was still significantly higher than that of a UC, even if I graduate in 5 years.

Statistics -
2230 SAT I
Took Math, Biology, and World History Subject Tests (only submitted WH since I was sick the day I took the Math and Bio)

If you have any questions re. the application process, my courses/extracurriculars, or anything at all, feel free to ask me here or send a PM!


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