Incoming Freshmen Classes for First Quarter

<p>Any recommendations as to what general education classes an incoming freshmen should take in their first quarter? And what teachers are good for those classes? UCI sophmores and upperclassmen, feel free to give advice! Much appreciated :)</p>

<p>Dear themysterious3,</p>

<p>I am a first year CHP Electrical Engineering major currently attending UCI.</p>

<p>If you are going to attend CHP, then you have to take the Honors Humanities Core courses for the first year unless you are an engineering major like me, in which case you are not required to take Honors Humanities Core.</p>

<p>For other cases:
For the first quarter GE courses, I would recommend taking Writing 39B or if you did not pass the Entry Eriting Requirement, then take Writing 39A/37. The reason I am recommending taking writing courses is that those courses take quite some time and usually first quarter freshmen do not take a lot of units, so they are able to handle it. If you want to see what teachers to take, look on</p>

<p>But if you are not interested in taking Writing right away, then I would take Classics 45A since it will fufill the Humanities GE requirement and there are no long essays in that class, just tests that are multiple choice or short essays. It does depend on your major however, since some majors require many courses in the first quarter.</p>

<p>I hope this helps in deciding GE courses.</p>

<p>Go on :D</p>

<p>Thank you shlo1992 for all your advice! :D</p>

<p>Thanks Mona I know! I just want opinions from those that went thru it that's all. :D</p>

<p>I suggest you take 12 units, unless you have good study habits already. Also, take writing 39A/B (whichever you qualify for) or HumCore. I like humcore because it's 8 units and gets rid of the Humanities GE. However, it's not for some people. It requires reading books and analyzing/writing essays. I liked it though because, it's 8 units, but there's only 1 final, so that's 1 less final than what i would have if I were to take writing 39. However, there will be papers due and 1 due week 10 probably.</p>

<p>other suggestions: Arts 1A, Anthro 2A, Art Studio 9 series
as for professors, double check that they're still the easy ones with ratemyprofessor like everyone says.</p>