Incoming transfer student

<p>I need some opinions on what may happen to my admissions. I am currently a prospective student that is going to attend Irvine for Fall '10. Anyways, I've been admitted through the TAG contract under the major of Business Economics. The problem that I have right now is that my transfer conditions for calculus 262 requires a B or better or so it says... I am struggling currently in that class right now and I believe that a B is far out of my reach. I think a C is what I may end up getting... Does anyone know if my admissions would be completely rescinded if i end up with a C? What are my options? I spoke with an admissions director he said that it is rare that they would rescind my admissions with just the C unless i do horribly for my last semester at the community college. Although when i contacted an admissions counselor via message center of UCI admissions and she just said it would be rescinded if i dont meet the conditions. If this is so, I was thinking that if i should change my major into something that doesn't require any prerequisites; ie. philosophy or psychology. Then when I attend for Fall 10 i can possibly change back to the major I intended to to avoid my admissions being rescinded. Does anyone have any opinions or advice that would help me out? Thanks</p>

<p>bumpp need some advice !</p>

<p>when did you get your acceptance letter?</p>

<p>i got it early some time in april</p>

<p>anyone have any knowledge of transfer students in TAG? i think i am ending the course with a C as i just took my final... i need some help! i don't want to have came this far and end up getting my admissions rescinded.. especially after applying to other schools and not submitting my SIR i would be screwed. i also paid for my sir and housing fees already!</p>

<p>If your contract says you must get a B in Calculus, then they will more than likely rescind their admission offer if you received a C. You might try to call and ask/explain your situation and see if there is anything you can do, though as bad as this sounds, it is highly unlikely. </p>

<p>If you're going to try and switch your major to something 'easier' and then switch back, realize that there is a good chance that they won't allow you to switch back to Business Econ. That being said, you might want to look at an alternate major if that happens. </p>

<p>There is also a chance that they will not let you change your major until orientation, which means that there is a good chance that your request for a major change will not be fulfilled in time.</p>

<p>If you have your heart set on Business Econ at UCI, then maybe you can talk to your Calculus teacher and ask if there is a way for you to get an Incomplete rather than a C. Which means you will have to apply again next year if your teacher does comply to your request.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply, i don't think i can afford to apply again next year...have you had any experience with other people who have not gotten the required grade on their transfer condition? who should i call to explain my situation? i tried calling the social sciences dept. and counseling, but the only answer i get is them pointing me to speak to the counselor via the message center of admissions site which is not really any help to me.</p>

<p>For transfers, I've only heard of/met one person that didn't meet the transfer condition. Her admission was automatically rescinded because she failed one class that she needed to pass (it was stated on her transfer condition contract).</p>

<p>Have you tried calling the Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools? They'll probably give you the same advice and tell you to speak to the counselor via message center, which at this point, is probably your only available option. </p>

<p>Have you tried calling other schools about a late SIR? I know that UCR has done/accepted it in the past, not too sure about other schools or if UCR is still letting it pass.</p>

<p>I have not done that... I wasn't thinking ahead of myself because I basically only wanted to go to UCI... I also got into UCSD but am not too sure what to do from here.. I will try to give them a call and the admissions counselor does not give much of an advice</p>

<p>You might get some good advice from the transfer center. They always seem willing to help. Welcome</a> to Transfer Student Services</p>

<p>thanks for the help Caitlyn! I spoke to someone from the transfer center and she said that i should speak to the counselor during the academic advising session over the summer. She also said that they may have me change my major, but my admissions would not be revoked whatsoever since it is a Guarantee admission under the TAG after I had been admitted! This helped me a lot! Thanks</p>

<p>The Tag is revoked since you violated the terms of your transfer agreement which is a B or better in calculus 1/2.</p>

<p>So what she said is untrue. I would call admissions directly and talk to them</p>

<p>I messaged admissions via message center and the counselor sent the question to one of the directors and she replied saying, "Thank you, by not meeting your transfer
conditions, you are not eligible to remain in the Busn Econ major. You may change your major or apply for a future term. If you would like to change your major, please let me know via this email ASAP what major you would like" So basically I should change my major right now? Since i was thinking philosophy as a minor, should I change it to philosophy and take phil. classes in the Fall and is it possible to change back my major during winter back to Bus. Econ?</p>

<p>change to another major in the school of social sciences.
then apply to change your major once you're in.</p>

<p>if i change my major to a major within the school of social sciences, would i have to take courses in that major for fall 10? or would i be able to change back in time to my original business econ major</p>

<p>okay, so my counselor changed my major into "international studies" which is a major in the social sciences. and for the academic advising session that i had registered for , she said that it would be cancelled since i am not under "business econ" anymore. my question is, would i be able to change back to business econ major before i start fall 10'? she changed my major because of my grade i received in calc 2. which did not fulfill the requirements in the major business econ. so switching my major basically prevents my admissions to be withdrawn.</p>

<p>I doubt you will be able to switch back to Business Econ by the fall. Look for classes that business econ and intl studies share in common and take those classes during fall. Make sure you get strait A's and apply for change of major in the spring.</p>

<p>i see thanks, where can i find the classes that they have in common?</p>