Incomplete Application Status

I’m looking at my applicant portal webpage and it currently shows an incomplete admission status but there’s nothing in the to-do list section or holds sections that shows that my application was missing any information…

This just the normal sign that they haven’t made a decision for me yet/looked at my application? Right?
I just want to make sure.

mine is the same way. It says incomplete on the Student Center page, but under the View my Application Status page it says “No items required at this time”.

I also see the same thing.

I have the same thing… I believe it just means they don’t have a decision for us yet. Good luck to us!

yeah me too it says incomplete, and other page says ready decision. I know they are probably busy but HURRY UP lol

I’m not sure if this is helpful, but I had the same issue last year during the time i applied there. I got accepted late march around the 20th. My guess is they haven’t considered your application yet until they looked at other people’s applications and then after they will look at yours.