Incomplete Changed to an F

Hi everyone.

I’m not sure where tonpost this, but I have a question about what a university is allowed to do.

I have my BS degree from UCSD in Electrical Engineering. I been wanting to go tongrad school, but I have this F that the department threw on me. I was having health issues and had to get an incomplete. I retook the class with another professor because I couldn’t retake the class with smar professor to graduate in time.

I retook the class and passed it. Then when I graduated, I looked at my transcript and that incomplete was turned into an F.

I started emailing the departments and instructors and they started lying to me and told me there was nothing I could do because I didn’t retake it with the exact same professor. When I graduated that class grade was an incomplete.

How is this okay? What if I took the class got an incomplete and the professor retired. So then it’s an instant F???

The bad is that this was back I 2015. I didn’t know back thrn that this was messed up, so I didn’t really fight it. Now I’m looking back and that F is really impacting my ability to get into a school.

Does anyone know how I can proceed to get this fixed? Is this even possible? I think it’s really messed up how this happened how someone on thr system screwed me over like this.

I REALLY need help in getting this fixed. I’m afraid if I go tonthe university they will just say stuff like they don’t have record of it or anything.

What do I do? This isn’t right? I got an incomplete very early in the class and retool it in order for that grade to be changed to an F when I passed it with another professor?

Help please!

How did they lie to you? For each and every college in the US, there is a procedure that the student must follow to convert the incomplete to a grade. Doing nothing with convert the incomplete automatically. Which is what happened. Retaking the course is not generally a method of removing the incomplete, which UCSD explicitly says:

A student who has received an I grade should not reenroll in the course to make up the missing work. If the student were to reenroll, the course would be considered a repeat and would not remove the prior quarter’s Incomplete, which would lapse to a permanent F, NP, or U grade.
Academic Regulations & Policies

That doesn’t even make sense. The course is arequired clas. If you get an incomplete than how fonyou graduate without retaking it? I couldn’t take it with thr same professor. He wasn’t teaching it before I graduated.

So then all students who have an incomplete aren’t allowed to graduated without it turning into an F???

That’s no sense at all.

They were lying to me and telling me the same thing over and over “We don’t remember it that way.”

They knew what they did. They just didn’t want to admit it.

This doesn’t even make sense. Why change it to an incomplete. Just have the grade taken off or leave it as an incomplete.

Why give a student an F in a class they didn’t even take. An F means you complete the course with a filling grade. I never completed the course with this professor. He wasn’t teachingit again.

I had no coice. I had to take it with another professor.

How does that make sense?

So you passed the new class, but didn’t do anything with the old class, where you had an Incomplete. And that Incomplete turned into an F? I just want to make sure I have the facts right.

Assuming that’s correct, is there an appeals process within UCSD? The bottom line is that you passed the class but, for whatever reason, didn’t do anything with the Incomplete. Frankly speaking, that doesn’t seem fair to me: you passed the class, albeit with another teacher. That’s about it, right?

Call the Registrar’s Office today and see how you can get the process going. I generally find academic institutions a bit forgiving. Some general thoughts that you may want to consider: Make sure you document your health issues and why you took the class under the new professor. Also, state clearly why you didn’t convert the I into a withdraw or whatever, and clearly state the effect of having an F.

You should consider consulting a lawyer to assist, at least in the background. It might be worth the expense of a short consultation with an expert who can walk you through this and steer you in the right direction.


“Academic Senate regulations state that the Incomplete grade (I) for undergraduates shall be disregarded in determining a student’s grade point average, except at point of graduation, when students must have an overall 2.0 (C) on all work attempted at the University of California. All work required for a degree must be completed by the end of the quarter the student filed for graduation.”

How is this okay? Change an “Incomolete” to an F?

That it. I don’t know what to do. I tried arguing with them when it happened but ignored me and I never followed up with them.

I don’t know where to go from here. Thus was back in 2015. That stupid F is affecting my ability to go to grad school.

A lawyer? What kind of lawyer?

Take a look at this: Grades

Call the Registrar’s office today and see if they can at least point out how you can make an appeal.

And yes. I has two very invasive surgeries when I was in my undergrad. I had to drop out becauseof issues I was having at the time.

An educational or academic lawyer. There are a lot of these around (they tend to be at smaller/solo law practices). They will have experience in procedure etc and can steer you in the right direction.

The first time I started talking to them they told me there was nothing I could do since I didn’t repeat it with the same professor which makes no sense to turn thr incomplete to an F. I litterally couldn’t retakenitnwith the professor.

Also if that was the case, the professor should should have never approved my incomplete and I could have just dropped it.

Converting from an incomplete usually means finishing and submitting the missed work only, not retaking the entire class. If you wanted to retake, you should have withdrawn from the course instead if requesting an incomplete.

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What do you work for UCSD or something? If this the case then why did the professor even approve it? I had 2 surgeries in my undergrad.

An incomplete mean you didn’t finish.
An F mean you didn’t learn in the class and failed.

How can you give a student an F if the student didn’t even finish the class. The F is a finishing grade.

What does student do if they can’t retake it with the same professor?

How does that even make sense?

How on earth do you not see my side??? What? Wow.

“If you don’t complete your work by the date given by your instructor, the lapsed failing grade becomes permanent.”

I see your side, but I also see that there were procedures to be followed. I am having difficulty believing this is a surprise 6 years later.


What you should have done was arrange with the instructor to complete the work in the course, rather than retake the course.

UCSD’s policies and procedures regarding incomplete grades are described at How to Request/ Remove an Incomplete .

People now look at my resume and think I took the entire course and failed it.
That never happened. It’s an F on my transcript. What do you think companies will think?

They instantly think I failed it the first time. I didn’t even get past the third week of the class the first time.

I was told by the office to get an incomplete because of complication with my sufmegery and retake it. So I did. But then the professor wasn’t teaching it again. There was nothing I could do.

Then I just get an F???

How is that fair??? :thinking:

It’s not @skieurope, my, or other CC posters’ duty to “see [your] side”. He, along with the enormous majority of CC posters, are trying to help students with issues like yours.

He is pointing out the specific issue/provision you need to overcome, but you need to be the one to figure out how to overcome it.

We’re trying to help, but your responses are a bit OTT for folks trying to give you some thoughts you can work with.

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The ski guy just said there is nothing I could do.

How is that helping? What do you meant OTT?

I’m asking for advice on how to get this fixed becaue it’s extremely unfair

I looking for help, but no one is giving it to me. Except for the advice about a lawyer.

what ski is trying to tell you is that you did not follow the written rules/regs for addressing an Incomplete, which anyone could have looked up online, so claiming this is “unfair” is not relevant.

All you can do is appeal and hope that your appeal reviewer has a heart. I would not waste time with an attorney as I don’t think you have much of a chance of winning the appeal. The campus has to follow its written procedures and since they have been posted online for years…

As for grad school, all you can do is attach an addendum and explain in a factual matter what happened. Just the facts – no excuses. One bad grade should not tank your application unless that F drops your GPA below a 3.0.