<p>I have done some extreme preparing this summer for the psat/sat in oct/jan respectively and here is the situation: </p>

<p>I started off with a 1600 lol (630m 470cr 500w)</p>

<p>after I took an 4 week SAT class (3 classes/week) my highest score was a 2110 (770m 600cr 740w)</p>

<p>Now I can score in the 2000-2200 range but my scores are VERY inconsistent.
m 700-800
cr 550-700
w 700-800</p>

<p>my super score is 2300 but My one sitting test record is a 2210 (750m 660cr 800w)</p>

<p>I dont want to end up with a 2000 on the real thing, please some advice?</p>

<p>Maybe testing conditions affected your scores? Have you been taking all of them during real testing conditions? i.e. full test, 2 breaks, no noise?</p>

<p>yes always same condition, administered under a sat test like environment.</p>

<p>Are you using the books by the same company? Because sometimes practice tests made by different companies are different difficulty levels.</p>

<p>Always do CB materials first</p>

<p>all of the tests I have taken are REAL sat tests, actual tests + the CB 10 test book.</p>

<p>Your CR is too strange..........</p>

<p>but that is possible when you encounter a very strange novel with 12 or 13 questions ........</p>