Inconsistent practice test scores - do I have a chance at 1550+?

Hey y’all,

I’m taking the December 5 SAT and my SAT practice scores are pretty volatile. For context, here are my SAT practice test scores (in order that I’ve taken them. All in 2020)

Test # (date): score (reading+writing/math)

10 (5/16): 1560 (770/790)
1 (8/1): 1510 (730/780)
3 (9/6): 1480 (750/730)
2 (9/13): 1500 (730/770)
4 (9/20): 1520 (750/770)
9 (10/15): 1530 (750/780)
8 (10/25): 1490 (740/750)
7 (11/15): 1550 (780/770)
6 (11/22): 1560 (780/780)
5 (11/29): 1510 (750/760) → T-T

I’m aiming for at least 1550+, and I’m worried that since I’ve only scored higher than 1550+ 3/10 times, I don’t have a chance T-T. Also super disappointed that I was on an upward trend and dropped 50 points a week before the exam.

(also fat L that my highest score was my first time taking it with zero studying lmao. My score has declined over time even though I’ve been diligently studying ;( )

I’ve been using the Black Book, PrepScholar free resources, and Khan Academy to practice.

Any advice on how I can improve my score? Do I actually have a chance at 1550?

Thank you so much in advance for your support!

(btw I’m a junior. I can’t take the PSAT so this will also go towards NMS)

A chance? Sure. You’ve exceeded it on a couple of practice tests. You seem to be clustered around 1520 +/- 40, a typical range.

Will you? No one can predict that.

Fwiw, my D’s October score was 30 above the average of her two practice tests. But I’m sure there were others who scored 30 below.

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Thank you for that advice! I definitely need to study hard this week and this gave me some good motivation!

Son scored 31-32 consistently on practice ACT but on the day of the test scored 35. It’s possible, sure. Much of it depends on the test itself.

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i’d say don’t stress too much about it. much practice is great but there is also such a thing as over-preparing and tiring yourself out. i couldn’t break 1500 on my final practice tests but got a 1550 on the actual test (i was a junior when i took it). took it again in senior year just to see if i could superscore anything but ended up getting a composite 1500.

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That’s so true, thanks for the advice!

Congrats on the 1550!