Incorrect Dates for recieving stuff

<p>So when I check Wolverine Access, it says they recieved most of my stuff on October 12/19th, when in reality everything had already arrived on Sept 25th (that's the date I actually submitted my app, my counselour/transcript/ACT scores were already there). Should I call them and ask why the date is off by like 2-3 weeks since well...obviously UM is rolling admission, and I'm borderline so I need my app finished/complete as early as possible?</p>

<p>Don't worry about it, they probably just hadn't processed it yet. I think all applications have a little delay...I remember mine did last year.</p>

<p>My delay is off by so much though :(. And I know for a fact they had my crap before Oct 12/19th cause I called in Sept to ask if all my stuff was there and they said it was.</p>

<p>People from last year only had like a 2-3 day delay. :/</p>

<p>Okay nvm I'm freaking out over nothing.</p>