Incorrect name on SAT Scores

<p>On October 29th, I went to send my SAT score reports for Early Action. I realized that my name on CollegeBoard was my preferred English name instead of my legal Chinese one. I called Collegeboard to change this name and they told me that it would take 4-7 days. I decided to send my report anyways to Harvard (since 4 to 7 days would be too late for the Nov. 1st deadline). However, it has been nearly 2 weeks since and 1) CollegeBoard has not changed my name. Its been two weeks and I contacted them and they told me they were "still in the process" 2) CollegeBoard said they sent my score report (with the wrong name) but the Harvard Status page says they have not received it. I have 3 questions:</p>

<p>1) Will Harvard not accept score reports if I used my preferred name, even if all other information matches up (and they should now from my CommonApp that I have the preferred name).</p>

<p>2) Will Harvard accept a new score report sent once CollegeBoard finally does change my name? Is it too late? I know November series tests are accepted but I did not take one nor did I say I would Harvard assume I didn't and disqualify me without waiting?</p>

<p>3) Will this entire mess affect how Harvard view me? Do they consider all the emails/phone calls I sent them (some of them got pretty frustrating...not at Harvard but at CollegeBoard) in their decision?</p>

<p>Lastly, I have another question regarding SAT in general:
If I took 2 SATs and got 2200 in both. And then I took a 3rd one and got 2300. Should I send the 2300. Harvard's website says sending 2 is best and anymore is not recommended. But is 2300 vs 2200 worth it. How much did you send?</p>

<p>You have much to be anxious about.</p>

<p>1) I'm doubtful Harvard will be able to match your SAT scores with your preferred name to your Common App that uses your Chinese name, even though you listed your preferred name on the Common App. You must have the College Board resend your test scores with your legal Chinese name.</p>

<p>2) Call Harvard's file room to alert them of this situation. They might be able match the scores if you give them the heads-up. And, by doing so you can also find out if they will accept the late score report.</p>

<p>3) No, but your application might not be reviewed for early admissions as it is currently incomplete. </p>

<p>4) Why would you send more than one score to Harvard? Especially when your 3rd score is a 2300! Just send them your top score.</p>

<p>Okay, I understand that. But does anyone know if the SAT score reports were due November 1st? Harvard says they accept November score too and those come out LATE November.</p>