Increase in Applications

<p>Saw this article referenced in another discussion. Does anyone have any guesses as to why the number of applications increased over 14% this year?.</p>

<p>Applications</a> Surge to Berkeley and Virginia -</p>

<p>More people applying. Baby boomlet (boomers' kids are college age). It's easier to apply (Common App, on-line applications). Each person is applying to more schools. Amplify for in-state public schools (less expensive), well-endowed private schools (increased aid packages effectively discounting tuition), and prestige schools (credential shopping as much as a world-class reputation, even if most of the applicants don't have a realistic chance).</p>

<p>I don't think those explanations explain why Laf was up 14% and, for instance, Lehigh, was down. I don't have an answer but I can think of a couple of possible explanations. Maybe there is someone new in the admissions office who is hitting a new territory or an established territory in a new way. Maybe adding the new faculty and new programs has attracted some people. When we were looking at colleges, Lafayette was talking about adding faculty to lower the teacher/student ratio. That was a selling point for us because it gave the appearance of a healthy college economy. I am sure that there are other reasons that I have not thought of.</p>

<p>Could well be a delayed reaction to Lafayette's stated intent a couple years ago to expand their recruiting area. Traditionally, Lafayette had drawn students from fewer states than many of their peer national liberal arts colleges. I thought last year's application count was disappointing but maybe the marketing initiative didn't go into high gear until this year.</p>