Increasing my SAT score 200+ Points in 17-45 Days

<p>Ok I know this will sound like a crazy idea, but here it goes...</p>

<p>I need to raise my SAT score from a 1020 to a 1220–1300 in 17-45 days. </p>

<p>My last test date was about a year and half ago. </p>

<p>17 days marks the November 6 SAT and 45 days marks the December 4 SAT</p>

<p>I have registered for both dates.</p>

<p>I must raise my score 200+ points in either exam to be admitted to my school of choice.</p>

<p>I was home schooled for my senior year and graduated about 4 months ago so my schedule is completely open.</p>

<p>I was not aware of my need to raise my SAT score until 4 days ago when the university contacted me via email.</p>

<p>For the last 3 days, I've been studying on average of 5-6 hours for the SAT, and will increase this to 8-10 hours in the following couple days.</p>

<p>I have purchased Grubbers SAT study guide along with the 10 Real SAT book. I will be purchasing more study guides after the first test on November 6.</p>

<p>Beginning Monday, I will be taking one ‘real’ SAT per day until the November 6 test. Along with an additional 6-8 hours of studying per day, bringing the total study time to about 8-12 hours per day.</p>

<p>Yes call me crazy, but I am determined to do this.</p>

<p>My questions are:</p>

<p>Considering the time I’ll be devoting to studying, is my goal for a 200+ increase a realistic one? </p>

<p>Assuming there is a miracle and I get a 1300 score, will the SAT officials suspect I cheated on the test?</p>

<p>Thank you all and wish me luck!!</p>

<p>Well, considering that you are starting with a 1020, a 200 point jump is possible. I jumped 100pts in a month without any studying... just luck. I would say that the 10 real will help and that the officials won't suspect anything and if they do, who cares?!?</p>

<p>it's definitely a realistic goal. while 200 points is a lot, it's a LOT more realistic than someone with a 1400 trying to raise their score by 200 points, and even that can be done.</p>

<p>with all the time you are planning to spend, you may even surpass your own expectations.</p>

<p>I think they only look for cheating if you improve by 200 points in ONE section or somewhere around 350 overall.</p>

<p>Could you elaborare on the situation with your college. Why would they contact you and tell you that before you have applied?</p>

<p>I had already applied (for fall of 2005) but I was thinking I would be easily accepted. An admission officer told me that since it had been so long since my last test, that the school wanted me to retake it and increase my score.</p>

<p>I'm kind of in the same situation as you. I signed up for the Dec. test becuase it was too late for the Nov., but I am going to the closest testing site as a standby, hoping to be able to take it. My goal is just to raise my score as much as possible. I am not studying neeeaaaarly as much as you are, that would be impossible for me. With 5+ hours of studying a day, I don't see how you can't raise it 200 pts.</p>

<p>well teh thing i must admit here is that its been a year and a half since I last took real high school classes. After studying the SAT for a couple days, I've noticed how my math skills are REALLY rusty.</p>

<p>but anyway....</p>

<p>I'm literally in the middle of taking a practice SAT and will give u guyz my score once im done..</p>

<p>you can do it, i did it from a 1170 to a 1340, well it's not really a 200 point increase :( but it was in 24 days, just cram like crazy. i slept 6 hours a day, didn't do anyway of my homework, didn't shower, or get hair cuts. I was a mess, but in the end it worked :). I like locked myself in my room with a printed word list. it works trust me:) Just practice and memorize vocab. I recommend SAT success and barrons, although they may suck, i thought it was alright. GL with that :)</p>

<p>oh man yeah that’s totally what i need help VOCAB!! ARGH!!1 do i HATE it...yes i must create total segregation from the outside world, I feel like a monk</p>

<p>....i will not be surprised if I acquire a minor form of psychosis from this extreme isolation and living conditions…</p>

<p>meh...45 days cant kill me...or can it????</p>


<p>I have a 1300 and would like to boost that to a 1450+, my ideal goal is a 1500. But I am procrastinating too much- what is the best word list/prep for me? Verbal is the hardest, I know math I just run out of time.</p>

<p>I would like to start a little "support group" because it's nice to know others are in my shoes. We could like help each other out, mainly mentally- like support.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>woah BTW that didn't really make any sense i am braindead...///</p>

<p>^^haha totally agree with the group thing....yeah then we could all see the same psychologist after we are done with the test!!!</p>

<p>AHHH!!....solitary confinement in my room for 45 days straight!!!...someone help me!!!!!!!OmFg!!1 i think i lost my social skillz forever!!!!!</p>

<p>ok now i must get back to the practice doing ok so far xcept on verbal</p>

<p>you are a 1337h4x0r, just log in to the collegeboard database</p>

<p>i know fool seriously! if ur so 1337 just hack in and see everyones scores...</p>

<p>I went from 1300 to 1540 in one year, no prep. What are you getting on practice exams? It's entirely possible. However, studying for 5-6 hours or 8-10 hours on the SAT is disturbing. I am not talking about your goal of raising your score; best of luck to you. However, it appalls me that you would be so willing to waste so much of your life on a test score. Ugh! It's a philosophical issue for me, I guess. At least try to raise your score through other activities - reading, crosswords, math puzzles. Really...</p>

<p>i think its definetly doable.. i went from 1080 to 1400 with only 10 Real SATs book and no extra prep classes in a little more than year. But since you are devoting so much time to studying you will probably get even better than 1300. good luck!</p>

<p>omg don't use grubber sat is hoooorrrible</p>

<p>if you're done with school, and you have 17 open free days, then you can definitely get to 1220+ by then. just study. your. ass. off.</p>

<p>scherzo i am in your shoes ...but dont try to wear mine cos in january i got 1300 and then expecting a score like you aim...i got a marvellous 1290...did really mess up on the test day....just practice, and be calm on the test day...what were your math and verbal scores?</p>