Increasing Subject scores in 4 weeks

<p>Hi guys,
I'm Agata and I live in Poland.
I'm taking the SAT Chemistry, Physics and Maths 1 test in October.
My scores are not very satisfacotry now. What can I do to improve them (I would like to score about 100 points higher) in 4 weeks time? I have some books and I do pracrice tests, but scores are increasing very slowly, for about 30-40 a test.
I think my main problem is time. I usually don't have enough time to do the last 10-15 questions.
I hope you'll give me a piece of advice...</p>

I am sorry. All you can do is practice.</p>

<p>Read the theory!!! If you have a PR or a Barron's book, read all the theory part in the beginning part of the books.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot.</p>