<p>Hi- I'm heading off to college this fall and I would like some advice if anybody has any. I was accpeted into the business school at my college becuase I'm interested in it, but I'm considering a career in health (I know, they are like two different spectrums). Anyway, I'm worried that business majors are at a disadvantage when applying to medical school (I assume they would be rather than a Liberal Arts/Sciences major). I've even contemplated just switching into Arts/Sciences college before I even go, again becuase I'm worried about hindering my chances. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>i forgot to mention that i would be able to fulfill the "bare bones" requirements for medical school through free electives. Does it look better to have more science electives that I would not be able to do as a bus. major?</p>

<p>You'd probably want an extra couple biology courses at the least, but I don't think that would be impossible as a business major.</p>