Independent scholarships

Anyone knows any independent scholarships or any good websites for them?
Thank you

From your other posts it sounds like you’re an international student. That’s important to note if you want accurate info. Are you applying to colleges in the US? The best scholarships come from the colleges. There are a few need blind schools and a handful that meet need, but admissions is very competitive. How much can your parents pay per year?

What’s an independent scholarship?


If you are an international student, you need to look for colleges that provide scholarships to international students here…OR you need to look for scholarships in YOUR country that you can use here.

I can’t think of one scholarship here (outside of the colleges) that awards significant amounts to international students. And I’m going to guess…if there are any, they will be HIGHLY competitive.

@CourtneyThurston ??

How much money do you need to attend college here?

Most scholarships are minimal. The best scholarships come from the schools themselves.

It appears you were accepted to the American University in Paris?

Most US-sponsored scholarships typically won’t give you money to attend schools outside of the US; that’s with the limited, competitive funds they may give.