Independent Study Program?

<p>So I've heard that it's hard to get into the UC's with a homeschooling program. I really want to go to a UC school, but I also want to do an independent study program my senior year. said that "If you are home schooled through an independent study program of a county office of education, then the path to UC eligibility and admissions is identical to that of students in traditional high schools around the state." Is this true? </p>

<p>I have a good school record so far; currently, I'm a junior and have above a 4.0, have a record of taking AP/honors/IB classes, am president and founder of a club, ect. Thoughts/suggestions?</p>

<p>When you say you do an ISP, are you doing it through a public or charter organization? or are you doing it on your own?</p>

<p>If you are doing it with a public organization, you are ok - your classes should be accredited. </p>

<p>It gets more complicated it you are a homeschooler who is taking a less traditional approach. When my son applied, there was something called Apply By Exam, which meant you were qualified if you had a high enough SAT&SATII, then of course, you had to be accepted by the different schools.</p>

<p>UCLA, UCB and UCSD, which have more sophisticated admission commitees, accepted my son. UCLA even asked him to apply for a regents (which he did not do, because he was in EA at his top two choices), but they did accept him with honors. </p>

<p>UCSC turned him down, which has continued to be a family joke. BTW, they also told him he was in the top 1% and asked him to apply for scholarships.</p>

<p>This year the process has changed, and apparently will make it easier for non traditional students to apply. I haven't figured it out yet.</p>