Independent Study

<p>I want to begin to study ap stat by myslef, but all the books i have seen are 50-80 dollars! Is there a low cost solution?</p>

<p>btw- i am also review for the ap calc test by myself (learned stuff in an out of school program that i dont do anymore) is there a similiar cheap text?</p>

<p>ebay! lots of cheap books</p>

<p>Use and You can also buy older editions.</p>

<p>Here's a great source of books that few people seem to be aware of:</p>

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<p>Abebooks is a clearinghouse for all the little independent bookstores in the country. You put in the name of the book you want, and you get back a list of every little bookshop that has the title---along with condition, price and shipping. Great deals on used books! Out of print: no problem! I have found lots of very inexpensive used books.</p>

<p>It's nice to deal directly with those little shops. I get great prices and have never been gouged on shipping. In most cases, your book comes by mail in a twice-recycled zip-bag----instead of the oversized carton with plastic air sacs that you get from Amazon. Amazon is a great business---but these little shops need your business and give fast service.</p>

<p>Tip: Once you find the deal you want, look through the other books THAT bookstore has. Usually you can find a few other titles you want---and you can save even more on shipping.</p>


<p>abebooks is the first place I go to when I'm looking for an automobile workshop manual. If a particular car has an enthusiastic following, there are usually several interesting manuals available besides the usual Haynes or Clymer junk pedaled by your local discount parts store. Just type in the name of the car as a keyword. There are 1,626 titles available for "Alfa Romeo" (a car I wouldn't keep if *given *to me!)</p>

<p>You can also try your local library.</p>

<p>if you are reasonably good at math, stat is a very easy test. You might be able to just use a review book and skip the textbook.</p>

<p>i'm pretty good at math, so which review book is best (so i can skip the textbook)</p>

(sry it had to b at least 10 charecters)</p>

<p>review books are pretty cheap, especially if you can get some used ones online. Buy a couple so you have plenty of practice tests. Then you can read the first few pages in each to decide which one you would prefer to use to cover the material. Barron's and PR are pretty straightforward. </p>

<p>It will help if you have a TI-83. If you don't know how to use the statistical functions on it, one of the review books goes through that for you (I don't remember which one, but it will be obvious as soon as you look at them).</p>

<p>I've heard Barron's is very good for Statistics (I have the prep book, but haven't taken the AP test yet).</p>

<p>online, there are lots of sites for cheap, also check local bookstores, not national chains</p>