Independent Study!!!

<p>does independent study look good, like better than taking the normal class? I feel it does because it shows self-initiative but I want to find out the general opinion.</p>

<p>You're asking for opinions, so I'll express the opinion that independent study (you mean self-study, right?) does indeed show initiative and looks good. But I don't work for a college admission office, so I'm not promising that it will make your application look better, just that it will impress me.</p>

<p>yes it is very impressive. when i told my MIT interviewer that i'm self-studying multivariable calculus, differential equations, and ap physics C, he was SHOCKED. He was very pleased!! Afterwards, he emailed me a list of books I should get if I wanted to study physics, and he recommended some of the books he had as a freshman in physics.</p>