Indian guy's chance at yale ea

<p>hey ppl, im thinking of applying to Yale Early Action. Here's my stats</p>

<p>4.88/5.00 GPA, Rank 9/175 (yeah i know the ranks a little low, it's a really competitive school, does this hurt me a lot?)
SAT I: Math 800, Verbal 770 = 1570
SAT II: Writing 780, Chemistry 750, US History 730, Math IC 720, Math IIC (score hasnt come out yet, but I think i did really well, high 700s I'm thinking)
PSAT: 216, National Merit Semifinalist </p>

Chemistry - 5
US History - 5</p>

<p>This years APs: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Physics, Calculus AB (BC is not offered)</p>

<p>Founder of First Annual EGHS Film Festival: 3, 4
Vice President of the Class of 2005: 3, 4
Jazz Band: 1, 2, 3
Spectrum (school newspaper): 2, 3, Editor 4
Math Team: 1, 2, 3, Captain 4
Math team state competition (team was 5th in state, 1st in division): 3
Academic Decathlon: 3, Captain 4
Yearbook: Literary Editor 3, Contributing writer 4
Philosophy Club: 1, Level II Chancellor 2, Supreme Chancellor 3, 4
Talent show participant: 2, 3 (and organizer), 4
DVD Yearbook: Editor 3
Mock Trial: 1, 2
Model UN: 3, 4
Mentoring: 2, 3, 4
National Spanish Exam: 2, 3 (8th in the state)
Winter Wonderland: 3, 4
Work with Habitat for Humanity: 3, 4
Co-organizer of a 5K run for cancer funding: 3</p>

<p>comment on the rank if you wish, im aware of it. Um, but do I have any sort of chances? Or is it all too random to even predict, like so many people have my stats and extracurriculars that its hard to tell?</p>

<p>Oh, my essays</p>

<p>Common App essay: Making satirical, pop culture-infused fliers during my campaign for Vice President of the Class, and the fake political party my friends and I made up as a vehicle to run the campaign and satirize the campaigning institution</p>

<p>Yale extra essay: Most likely I will make it of why I founded the EGHS Film Festival. I'm a passionate filmmaker and a film geek if a high school kid was ever one. So I'll write it about trying to turn my hobby into a school-endorsed activity</p>

<p>supplement: like i said, im a filmmaker, and will (very likely) major in film studies. I made a DVD of movies I make in my spare time, like with clips from various ones. It's pretty cool actually. I don't know if realistically this can make any difference, but I suppose it's good to have something unique about me that I'm passionate about.</p>

<p>I think you have as good a chance as most people here. There is never a cut and dry response. Your scores are certainly up there (I don't think the rank will hurt too much), but you don't seem to have any obvious hooks. I think a lot rests in the essays. If film is really your passions, make sure you play it up a lot in your essays. </p>

<p>But then again, all this advice is given by a HS student who is applying to Yale EA too, so I don't know as much as an admission officer would :P.</p>

<p>Join us in our SCEA thread!</p>

<p>ok cool, ill do that. Yeah, thats what I figured, that there are tons of people with 1570s and 5s on every AP. I'll try to play up my film interest though</p>

<p>Jarahul, we're twins! I'm a filmmaker, too. I am also involved in video journalism; I started a biweekly news program at my school this year. And it was all because, like you, I decided to turn a hobby into a school-sanctioned activity...which is what I'm writing my essay about! Incidentally, I too tried to start a film festival my sophomore year, but it didn't work out due to lack of interest. The beast is back this year, however, and the film festival we (Film Club) are planning for this spring is going to be huge this year. Intrest in film at my school has perked up considerably.</p>

<p>I also took the same two APs as you, and the same SAT IIs as you(except I took Spanish, too), and our results are in the same range. I also have a leadership position in my school newspaper, do MUN, and am a member of my school's academic team. This is crazy! If we both get in and attend, we'll so know each other, because we'll be doing the same ECs. :)</p>

<p>And, to answer your question...I really, really hope your chances are good, coz your chances the same as mine!</p>

<p>damn thats quite eerie.............jeez. well good luck with your film festival! Ours was pretty sweet, we projected the films onto a huge projection screen in our auditorium. Make sure you allow WHAETVER movies into the festival, because I think most of our sales came from goofy kids who were coming to support their friend's ridiculous home video. So, although youre probably more educated in cinema, don't see a stupid goofy movie and say "ugh, that movies not coming into MY festival." Cuz if you want to succeed, and have everyone have fun, let everyone do what they want. </p>

<p>Hopefully I'll get INTO Yale though! argh I'm wicked scared. Actually I just found out that class rank has been canned at my school, so thats good news for me, numero nueve en la clase de dos mil y cinco. Haha, I could've taken the Spanish test as well</p>

<p>bumpity bump bump!</p>

<p>oh, my math IIC was an 800, that should help, the score came in.</p>

<p>Also, my school JUST eliminated rank, and also theyre not doing percentiles they said, because it puts students in the same light as rank. So disregard my rank, disregard any percentiles, and add an 800 onto my SAT II list. Boo-yah!</p>

<p>hmm you have a pretty good chance, but nothing can be guaranteed.
your stats are stellar.. but so are the stats of almost everyone else applying.
you need something like... BAM. something that'll totally make you stand out. you know?
hmm but founder of the film festival is pretty unique..</p>

<p>wow thanks man!!! damn i SO dont want to get my hopes up, but like im getting tired of all this college app work.....that was a good thing to hear, that someone is confident in me besides my parents, and my friends who dont understand how competitive the pool is....yeah I'm working to emphasize my passion for cinema, like I have an essay on the feelings i get when i watch a great movie, and im submitting a dvd supplement (though it prob wont even be seen) with my filmmaking work on it.</p>

<p>but of course everything is on the fence, its just nice to hear something positive</p>