Indian kids in Amherst

Hey peeps. I really want to get into Amherst. It is my dream school. Can those who are already in Amherst from India guide and give me some tips?

Why Amherst though? Also try applying ED somewhere else though cause they typically accept legacies and athletes in ED so maybe some school that’s similar to amherst where you can ED.

I am not Indian, but have a daughter at Amherst College. Have you tried following them on social media and maybe reaching out to those students from India? They have a couple of different groups that come to mind on Instagram

@Shivampu2002 I absolutely love Amherst’s open curriculum and their math department. I also like the mixture of competitive and collaborative community.

Is it true that they won’t take international students in ED?

@Meddy thank you for your reply. I do follow them on Instagram but I haven’t found anything for international students let alone for students from India.

Does your daughter have any application tips? It would be really helpful. :slight_smile:

I just checked and they have a page for students of Amherst from So. Asia. and I know there are others where I have seen posted Diwali celebrations. You will just have to hunt around.

As for application tips, I read D18’s supplemental essay only after she was accepted to Amherst and I remember just smiling. She managed to show them in such few words a quirky side of her personality. I know that she just came across the way she really is in person. It probably gave them a good sense of knowing a bit more who this kid was and I imagine they liked her. I recommend that what you write should be an honest picture of yourself, remembering that they want to know what it is about you that will add to the community at Amherst. I think supplemental essays can be a great opportunity to show that. Reflect on your strengths and write, write, write, edit, edit, edit, proofread, proofread!

Other schools with notably flexible curricula and strong math departments include Hamilton, Brown and Grinnell.

Thank you so much @Meddy. I think Amherst as a college places a lot of emphasis on the essays. That was very helpful though

@merc81 Yes, you are right. I am a bit concerned about Hamilton and aid because I am an Indian student who needs a LOT of aid.I am going to apply to Grinnell but I do not wanna do Brown because it a larger university. I am thinking of ED2 Grinnel in case I do not get through Amherst (which is most likely)

Hamilton does meet demonstrated financial need for all of its students, however, irrespective of national origin.