Indian undergrad students applying for fall 2021

Has anyone received a decision yet ?
If yes , then what were your mid term 12th and 11th grades , and what faculty you got into ?


My application says ready for review since the end of November.
My 10th percentage was 96.2% (CBSE)
11th 86% which was the 3rd highest in class
12th mid term 90.2% (highest) and predicted is 97.2%
I’ve applied to Desautels and Faculty of Arts

Same , I have applied to Mech and civil and my 11th scores are 92.6% , 12th midterm are 93.2% .
They did not ask me for my 10th marks .
I really hope I get in !
Also the cut off for indian students is so vague you can’t even get an estimate smh.

I talked to some seniors who got in last year
They told me as long as you have a 95+ predicted and 85+ in 11th you have a good chance
Mcgill says decisions will start coming out from mid December but I think they haven’t started yet. I guess the Mcgill admission office will close down for the winter break from 23rd or 24th so hopefully before that we get to find out if we got in or not

Were those seniors from here as well ?
Cause it’s definitely not the same marks for all countries , If yes … Are these for marks in general or some particular faculty ?

Also I don’t think we are getting any decision before Christmas this year .
What do you think my chances are , im so excited and nervous at the same time everytime I open minerva lol.

Did you get any update?
Last week my status changed to Further Review Required
They asked for my mid term grades and IELTS score.
My Ielts TRF is processing so might take 2 weeks to complete my application.

I have a further review required since 2 weeks now , they asked me for 10th marks that I have sent them and still waiting for a decision.