Indiana BA

<p>I am hoping some of you can comment on Indiana's BA theatre program. I visited the school recently and was impressed with their theatre dept and their facilities. I met with the theatre adviser who was super. While I want the flexibility of a BA degree I am still interested in MT and as much training as I can. It seemed that there are many opportunities to perform at Indiana and the BAs and BFAs are pretty connected which I know is not the case in many schools with both programs. Any comments or experiences with Indiana. Thanks, it's decision time and I am looking at Indiana, TCU and Muhlenberg. </p>

<p>My S is looking at Indiana for MT, so can’t comment on Theatre BA specifically, but we got the clear impression that there is lots of crossover between, MT, Theater, Film and Music. All IU productions are open to ALL IU students - not just those in performing majors. It seems that there is lots of encouragement for MT students to have interests/classes outside of MT, but not sure about others taking “MT-focused” classes.</p>

<p>Indiana is a fantastic program. I think what you need to find out is if you can get all the training you want (voice, acting, dance) while still meeting BA requirements. soetimes your classes are with different faculty. if ao, are you ok with that! I’d also try to get some honest answers from people there as to whether or not BAs are treated less than the BFAs when it comes to shows and things. This would need to be answered by current BAs who will be completely honest with you. Even though productions are open to all, how likely is a BA to be cast. If the answer is one BA cast for every 20 BFAs cast, you need to decide if you are ok with that. It is a great school with much to offer. I think it could be a great choice.<br>
You would not have the BA vs BFA concern at Muhlenberg since everyone gets a BA.
TCU is also a great school but not sure about their BA vs BFA. </p>

<p>If you haven’t already, check out the current cast for Guys and Dolls and see for yourself the number of BAs.</p>

<p>I have a friend whose daughter graduated last year with a BA from IU. She absolutely loved it, and was cast in many things. Her freshman year she was cast in a musical. So it does happen. </p>

<p>The cast of guys and dolls is terrific. We are on a campus visit here, (admitted BFA MT) and had the privilege of observing a rehearsal. D is looking forward to observing a couple of classes tomorrow. </p>

<p>I know one experience does not a trend make, but a good friend of D’s is a junior BFA at TCU and has rarely been cast (twice in 3 years), so I imagine the chance of being cast as a BA is even less. </p>

<p>Looks like casting as a BA isn’t an issue at IU. So I would go back and review the curriculum and make sure you are happy with it the training you will receive,</p>

<p>Casting, I know in the real world, is certainly not a guarantee, but I would certainly hope that if I was good enough to get a coveted spot in a BFA program, I would get cast in SOMETHING! I know a guy, just graduated last year from one of the top 3 programs always talked about here, NEVER cast at school. I believe he may have done 1 or 2 student directed shows, but never a mainstage. Guy’s talented as all get out. I would certainly like my resume to reflect some roles/shows, more than I graduated from X, but no, I was never cast.</p>

<p>I agree @theatrelvr. I know many will say that the training they get is great and that you don’t need a mainstage show but you also have to know yourself and if you would be happy in that kind of environment. One of the top schools you don’t get to audition until junior year and even the most talented kids do a show or two on the mainstage. Some may like that but others may not. Just another reason you can’t go solely on name recognition/reputation for a program because if you are not happy with your program you are not going to get what you need out of it.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the insights. When I visited Indiana I had a chance to meet with the theatre dept’s adviser. She was very helpful in reviewing the curriculum and contrasting the BA and BFA programs. There are of a course a few classes that closed to non BFAs but most others are open pending permission from faculty. The one area of concern is in voice training where I would need to find someone in the music school. The good news is Indiana’s music school is one of the top programs. Lots of what ifs, this decision is really a tough one. I wish everyone else good luck in making your choices. I might have to break out my lucky 8-ball for help! ~X( </p>