Indiana residents

<p>Any Indiana residents?
D is moving to Indiana for school. She is not a freshman.
She will keep her Ca drivers licence. Her car is registered in the state she is now living in which is where she bought the car. Her car registration expires the same month she moves. It doesn't make sense to reregister the car in the state she is now living. She will need to register it somewhere and since she isn't coming home to Ca in the meantime she will need to register it in Indiana. How does Indiana handle car registration? Is it fairly easy?
Dog- she has a dog. Of course the dog license expires one month before she moves. Her dog needs a new rabies. Any special requirements for getting a dog license in Indiana? Also in her present state she gives her dog Heartworm meds. Is that necessary in Indiana? In our area of Ca we don't do Heartworm medication. Also she has always live in a warm climate. Do residents of cold climates continue monthly flea meds even in winter?

<p>Hi mom60, I'm from Wisconsin not Indiana but I will try and give you a midwest viewpoint.</p>

<p>Below is a link to the Indiana DMV where I think you can get an idea of what's involved with registering your daughter's car.</p>

<p>BMV:</a> Home</p>

<p>I don't know about licensing her dog. Here we have to go through our town hall. I'm sure there is a grace period once she moves and she can ask someone more familiar with the area once she is settled. I do give my dog hearworm medication year round. I would think she would want to give it at least spring through fall. I do it year round because then I only have to pay for the test every other year.</p>

<p>I don't worry so much about fleas. My vet told me once that fleas are mainly bad in close quarters like trailer parks. I do worry about ticks so I use a product for both ticks and fleas during the summer.</p>

<p>I think she should be fine if she brings a health certificate from her current vet.</p>

<p>I hope she enjoys the midwest.</p>

<p>Our car registration renewals can be done online. Perhaps CA has a similar service. It appears that one must be an Indiana resident to register a car in Indiana. From the BMV website:</p>

<p>To title your vehicle you must present the title to the vehicle, your valid driver's license, and documents proving your current insurance, your Indiana residency, and your Social Security number or your Federal Employer Identification number.</p>

<p>Any vehicle being titled in Indiana from another state, including vehicles owned by new Indiana residents and vehicles assigned to an Indiana resident on a manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, must receive a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection. This inspection may be done at any Indiana license branch for no charge or may be completed by a law enforcement officer who may charge up to $5. The officer must fill out a form named Affidavit of Police Officer/Physical Inspection of an Indiana Resident's Vehicle/Watercraft - State Form 39530 when completing a VIN inspection.</p>

<p>If there is a lien on your out-of-state vehicle, the license branch will assist you in completing a form named Request For Out of State Title To Perfect A Lien - State Form 1014 which will then be sent to your vehicle's lienholder informing them that you are applying for an Indiana title. Once the lienholder sends the title to the BMV, the BMV will contact you and ask that you return to the license branch to complete your application for the Indiana title.</p>

<p>My dog's license expired about a month before I moved from California and the city actually sent a cop to my house. They don't have more important things to do? It was a great relief to not have to worry about fleas anymore, though ticks are an issue where I live in PA. I give my dog the tick meds year round as I have pulled ticks off him as late as December and in early spring.</p>

<p>We are in northern Indiana and dogs here get heartworm medicine seasonally. If one chooses to medicate year-round, the vets insist on a yearly heartworm test in the spring anyway (well, that's the practice of the 2 vets we have used ).</p>

<p>If she is also going to change her DL, be aware that Indiana is participating in Smart ID. She will need birth certificate, SS card and two proof of residency, such as school transcript plus another bill (tuition payment? Second utility such as cell phone bill addresses to her). Scour the website for the requirements. My BMV experiences are normally worse than in CA- which, as you know, is saying a lot. On the bright side, only a few counties require admissions testing, and even then, it is done free at state-run facilities.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the information. Unfortunately so much is expiring for her at the same time as her move. Her dog needs both his rabies shot and his heartworm testing in July. Her dog license in Florida expires mid July but she isn't moving till early August. She will have to license him twice in a short period of time. To license him in Florida he will need his rabies. In Florida they take the 3 yr rabies shot but it looks like in West Lafayette they need a rabies yearly.
The car registration expires in Florida also in August. She does not plan on getting an Indiana drivers license. She is only in Indiana for 2 yrs for school. She plans on coming back to Ca for breaks and when she is finished with school. Plus she is trying to maintain her Ca residency. She has had no problem registering a car in Florida with a Ca Drivers license. With Indiana it is not clear if they will require her to have a Indiana license to register the car. The car has never been in Ca. She bought it in Florida. To register it in Ca she would have to bring the car here and smog it. It doesn't make any sense.
I hope she doesn't find herself in a dilemma of not being able to register the car in Ca or Indiana.</p>