Indiana Univ or Univ of Alabama for Public health

I am currently studying for Master’s in Public Health at an online school, but I am planning to transfer to UI-Bloomington or UAB or CUNY for online Master’s in Public Health, a concentration in Environmental Health.
I am positive that I will be admitted by all schools because I have a outstanding GPA and related experiences in military. In fact,
my GPA is 4.0/4.0 at the current school. I am using a G.I. Bill so tuition is not my big concern.
My question is which school do you think I should choose?
UAB public health program is ranked highest among them, but IU seems to be a better college overall. I am not considering CUNY unless that is the only choice.

The departments themselves and the career centers at each institution can tell you where their graduates find work. So communicate directly with them and ask for that information.