Indiana University- Kelley School

<p>For freshman what type of people do they take? I read that they have 1270 SAT+ top 10%. <a href=""&gt;;/a> </p>

<p>I have a 1320 SAT and have taked the most rigorous schedule at my school, but my GPA put me out of the top 10% because there are other people who are taking easier schedules and thus a higher GPA and a higher rank. So basically, am I screwed for direct admit to Kelley? Or do they look at others and summarize the student as a whole? I'm an instate applicant too, if it makes a difference.</p>

<p>You will get in, don't worry. I would say 90% chance. EVEN if you don't, its not too difficult to enter once you are at Indiana with your stats</p>

<p>Do you go to Kelley? Or are you just guessing.. When it says "directly admitted freshman" do they mean these are the ONLY type of freshman that get in? (1270+, 10%)</p>