Indiana University - SSA Selective Scholarship Announcement

I was wondering if anyone had heard back from SSA. I have been periodically checking my financial aid account on One.IU, but have not heard anything yet. My scholarship that I am looking out for is from Hutton.

My daughter was awarded $2000 from Hutton on March 4th.

yes, 4000 same time frame

Do you know if the College of Arts and Science sent out their SSA scholarships yet?

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I received Hutton

My son’s came by letter earlier in March. I believe they notify on a rolling basis. There is another thread about this in the IU form. Have a look.

Anyone get an ernie pyles scholarship or know how many students are waitlisted for one?

My son received a 2,000$ Hutton Scholarship this morning. March 8, 2021

Heard back from Hutton 3/9

Hi for 2022, any news data on SSA for Indiana? Daughter applied to Kelley and is working on the SSA now. Thanks!

My son just received his initial acceptance packet, but there was no merit scholarship information included in it. My daughter was accepted last year and I thought her scholarship $ was included in this initial letter. Is it supposed to be included in this letter, or is there something coming separately? I do not mean the SSA application. Isn’t that in addition to merit scholarships from the university?

The IU website states that merit scholarships from initial application (not SSA) will be emailed/mailed starting in mid-Dec.