Indiana University vs UW Madison

I am a senior in high school and I am currently deciding between UW Madison and Indiana University for a major in finance. I have been accepted to both general schools, however I was only accepted to Kelley School of Business. The dilemma is that I live in Wisconsin, so tuition will be much cheaper. I should also note that I received a $6,000 academic scholarship from IU and nothing from Madison. While it seems like Madison is a no brainer, many kids from my current high school go or will end up going there, and while this seems somewhat unimportant in the long run, I am sort of looking for a fresh start for my college experience because I fear I will end up only being around people that I previously knew from high school. I would love to hear opinions on which is the better option taking the price, opportunities, and future career outlook into consideration. Another third option, which my parents seem to like, is the University of Iowa, I received a $13,000 academic scholarship and was admitted into the Business School, along with the honors college.

Just to clarify…you were not accepted direct admit to Wisconsin’s BBA? It looks like higher than half of first year internal transfers are accepted into the business school:

What are the net costs of each option (Total cost less scholarships before loans)? What proportion of the net cost, if any, will you/your parents have to finance with loans?