Indians at Waterloo

Hi I’m an international student from India. I’ve applied for a BS in computer science and another one with a Double Major in CS and Business.
I searched the web but couldn’t find any resources about the stats of current indians at UW.
My stats :
9th : 9/10
10th : 10/10
11th : 80%
ACT: 31 ( gave it again, score yet to come)

  • some good detailed EC's like 10+ years of soccer- getting selected in the national development program. Founding my own NGO to work on issues of women safety in India ( raising $5000) and a few of them related to CS. Would you please help me compare my situation with the current admits and maybe chance me too ?

Thanks a lot for the help.



Dude r u writing Euclid???

I have asked my school to organize it. Lets see.
Where are you from ?

Hey! I’m an Indian too!I got into CS co-op… I’m planning to take the Euclid contest as it plays a crucial role in deciding scholarships. Can you tell me the procedure to apply for Euclid test? It looks like I’m the only one willing to take the test at our school…

You got into CS co-op ?
Gimme your stats please ?
Your school needs to fill this form, check their website.
Ask your math teacher, and tell him it’s this amazing competition and stuff.
My school likes this kinda shit. So.
But I’m sure I’m getting rejected first

You got into UIUC too ? Same. I got into Math + CS !

I got like 97% in 11th (AP state board)
SAT 2150… I don’t think SAT matters much here.
And Congrats about UIUC. :smile: I got into statistics+CS!
It was my second choice so I don’t know much about it… Is it like a double major or something?

It’s a CS degree with additional courses in Stats rather than CS!
97% holy crap. That’s amazing. I got 80% CBSE! Let’s see.

UIUC is pretty good. But then co-op at Waterloo takes it away!

I got an offer from U of T
Waiting for offer from Waterloo
Guys which state do u live ?
I dont think my school would be ready to register for Euclid…

@abhirulezz‌ I’m from Delhi.

SO is your school ready to register u?
Can u please tell me your school name?

I’m not sure.

Hello People!May i know how many of you joined waterloo?

Hello Bro,I wanna talk to you urgently…I am from Hyd fiitjee junior college…thinking of study abroad…

@abhirulezz , I would like to know ur stats, cuz I too applied for U of T and am bit nervous!!!:stuck_out_tongue: