Individual Attention?

<p>Hi there I’m a Musical Theater Major at a University… Bad changes are going down on campus, and were really worried about what it might do to the music and theater programs. Myself and most others will be auditioning around this year just in case.</p>

<p>I love my school because the department is so loving and welcoming, and it feels just like family— I love that students are treated as individuals, and are constantly getting individual attention and performance opportunities— I’m looking for a program similar to my schools… I was wondering if you believe that OCU is like this… do you feel that you get a lot of individual attention? Does OCU accept transfers? Do they have to be kick-butt dancers to get accepted. </p>

<p>Your help and advice would be absolutely amazing!</p>

<p>Thank you so much!</p>

<p>Peace and Love

<p>There is no dance audition to get into the BM Voice (Musical Theatre) major.</p>

<p>Do you know if there is for BFA? I'm currently a BFA Musical theater major. I can dance, and I have been dancing for a while, but I'm not that great... i'm learning haha. :-) I'm just wondering if the BFA program is selective when it comes to dance? A lot of schools will only select people who have been dancing since they could walk.</p>

<p>OCU has a good webbsite and you can find a list of all the classes you have to take for the Musical Theatre major. I've been following the school closely and they have a three hour (if I read that correctly) dance leveling session in the fall. So they put you where you need to go. BUT when you go to audition, you only sing and do your monologues - they never see you in tights! :) I don't know if they look at your resume and consider your prior dance training. But they are lovely people there and they'd be happy to tell you that. The program there is not BFA, it is BM - which means it is heavy on the music courses, compared to other programs; however, I was told they are good at letting you "cross over" to take more acting classes, etc, as desired if you can fit them into your schedule. The only other "different" thing about OCU is that you will need something from your 24 Italian Songs book (or similar type music) in addition to your complete (not cuts) show tunes for the audition.</p>

<p>At my school actually doing a lot of concentration with both classical pieces and musical theater, because it's important to be well rounded--- our dept had the same audition requirements ( cept we only had to do one monologue. :-), and we had a dance audition ) . one of our voice teachers actually came to us from OCU, and is friends with Kelli O Hara. She's a wonderful teacher, so I can only imagine what the other teachers are like at OCU. :-)</p>