Industrial Design at WWU

Any insight on how competitive it is to get into ID program at WWU? Son accepted to WWU and would have to submit portfolio for pre-major, and then another portfolio for Sophomore review to be admitted into the major. This seems risky. We are from the East Coast (NY area) and he already has direct admit to Virginia Tech Industrial Design. We have never visited WWU but I have a hunch that it would be an ideal environment for him. However, the bird in hand with VT seems the more prudent option. Ugh, decisions!!

Hi @hvnyHS2Uni, we are also in the midst of making decisions for ID Programs. My daughter was accepted into VTech, Cincinnati, RIT, Auburn, Purdue, OSU and U Washington. We found that most programs reduce their class size by the end of freshman year or, in some cases like Purdue, at the end of sophomore year. She loves OSU but is scared of the class reduction. She hasn’t visited Virginia Tech but I think she would love it. I think she’s leaning toward Cincinnati due to their co-op and reputation. Sorry I can’t help!

Hi @flmom2018. Sorry, I saw your post months late due to not logging in for a long time! Cincinnati does have a great reputation and its co-op program seems like a very valuable component. Good luck to your daughter! My son is headed to Virginia Tech.