Ineligibility for UCI Tag?

<p>Hi, I'm currently applying to UCI via its TAG program. The requirement that I'm trying to finish was the to "Complete one year of general chemistry with laboratory with grade of B or better in each course."</p>

<p>I just got my Chem 1C grade and it's a C. I got both A's for the first two courses. Does that mean I'm done with the TAG and I am now applying normally?</p>


<p>1C as in the first 2 courses are 1A and 1B? If that is the case, then I would say no. If your school is on semesters system 2 courses are a year. If your school is on quarter system, and if you look up assist for your school, then you might be in trouble. For instance if assist shows that it takes 3 classes to satisfy the intro chem sequence at UCI then you might fail the tag requirements. </p>

<p>Bottom line, look it up on assist. If 1C isn't needed to fulfill intro chem requirements, you should be fine as long as your g.p.a is still good. </p>

<p>Talk to a counselor at your school. Good luck.</p>

<p>I'm in the same boat. My grades in 1A and 1B Chem were great and I had an amazing professor. My professor for 1C, the only one who was teaching it with horrible ratemyprofessor ratings, was indeed awful and class test averages were terrible. I ended up with a C and I'm tagging to Irvine. I feel horrible and I'm scared. Does this totally destroy our chances of getting into Irvine completely? I'm pretty sure our TAGs are dead...</p>

<p>what is your major? need more information. If u dont mind, which ccc u r at right now?</p>

<p>I'm a Biological Sciences Major. My GPA is still pretty far above the minimum of 3.2 for the TAG Major requirements, but the TAG says I need a B in all the courses of the GenChem sequence. Sorry I don't want to disclose my CCC for personal reasons.</p>

I'm not sure about TAG, but this is for regular admission.</p>

<p>B or Your gone ^^
are you sure you want to be a bio major? I think u will be rejected for majors that have general chem as their prereq AT UCI. On the other hand, keep your hope up because you got As for first and second year general chem and that average out 3.0++.
I never heard of any one who got in UCI as bio major or any major that has general chem with a C in it.</p>

<p>C's are bad news for any major, especially prereq. T.T sorry to hear that.</p>

<p>My major is pharmaceutical science. My CC is De Anza, I already know for sure that chem 1c is a prerequisite.</p>

you are almost the same as transfer, but ur major require a B-, which is a little lower than biological. I still say u have a better shot than tra4fer. I just hope that they will average ur chem sequence or else ur done too lol.
C's are always bad.</p>