Infectious diseases

<p>I want to become an infectious disease specialist. I wanted to know the exact process to become such a doctor. I understand that it's a sub specialty of internal medicine. I wanted to know what is the average salary for a infectious disease specialist and where they typically work.</p>

I don't know much myself, accept that I also want to be an Infectious Diseases doctor. I personally know one, and she is making big bucks at LA Children's Hospital. I.D docs are pretty rare, so I've heard, so we could be in big demand in our future! They could also work at private clinics, like I said, I'm not too familiar with it all.</p>

<p>Go to an undergraduate inst.
Take the MCATs
Apply to Med School
Hopefully you get accepted
Go to med school for 4 years
At the end perform your residency</p>

<p>My mom is an Infectious disease specialist. The process that my mom did was that she went to med school, got a residency, then did some other stuff in internal medicine for a couple of years than opened her own practice years later. She does get paid A LOT!!! but in her case i dont think it is worth it to be an infectious disease doctor. She works all day, 6 in morning till 9 a night, and does this everyday. She gets hardly any days off, not weekends and her pager rings every 10 minutes. </p>

<p>Where you work all depends on the amount of money you seek. You could just open a practice and stay in your office building and only see patients who come to you or u could do like my mom, go to like 4 or 5 different hospitals and become registered there as a doctor and see those patients to get money as well as having your own practice. This is what gets the money.</p>

<p>The bad thing is that she doesnt even have time to enjoy the money and most of her day is spent driving from hospital to hospital. In my opinion its not really worth it to be an infectious disease specialist unless u seek a very boring yet wealthy life.</p>

<p>While I want to be wealthy I don't think it will be boring. I definitely won't be doing to 4 to 5 hospitals, maybe 2 or 3. I really want to work somewhere like the Emory Clinic with both research and patient interaction and maybe a private practice. I won't mind the long days; really the only problem I foresee is the getting up a 6. I am more nocturnal. Thanks for the info and keep it coming.</p>