Info from Rice

<p>Hey, I was just wondering if anyone got any info about rooming or anything from Rice after sending the deposit. I know they said sometime around May; just wondering when it'll come.</p>

<p>yeah.. im wondering about that too.. haha.. i havent heard anything from them since owl weekend</p>

<p>Granted, this was about five years ago, but I got my roommate/college assignments and such from Rice in about mid-June.</p>

<p>I know that the bands department is just now finishing up their mailing that goes out with everything else, so I don't think anything's gone out yet. Graduation was just this past Saturday, so I imagine that they're probably waiting to welcome in their new freshmen until after they've finished bidding the outgoing seniors farewell.</p>

<p>If I hear anything, I'll let you know!</p>

<p>got something today (just now opened it). it has a health data form and new family orientation stuff</p>

<p>got a huge packet with roomate forms today.</p>

<p>same here, roommate questionnaire......</p>

<p>hmmm...I'm kinda worried. I haven't gotten any roommate stuff yet. Hope to get it today</p>

<p>neither have i. I called, they said that the ones who have gotten theirs already are kinda early, and the rest should be arriving within this week.</p>

<p>Hmmm...I'm worried too. I live in Texas, yet I still haven't gotten the questionnaire.</p>

<p>maybe they're sending them out in the order of when you applied...
i applied ED and i got my packet last week and the other ED people i talked to all got theirs around the same time too</p>

<p>that might be it. our names were probably entered ionto their computer system in that order, and subsequently accessed in that order.</p>

<p>i feel sorry for yall, since they are suppose to be due the 6th of June, but here it is just in case:</p>

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<p>Ah, memories.... Yeah, don't worry if yours doesn't get in by the 6th of June... Essentially, they just want them back ASAP. What happens is, you fill out the forms that cANDYman posted, and the two pages that are marked "OFFICIAL RICE ROOMMATE QUESTIONNAIRE" are photocopied and sent back out to your roommate and suitemates, so other people are going to see this. In fact, this thing's gonna haunt you for the rest of your Rice career, so take a little time when you fill it out. ;)</p>

<p>The picture that you're sending in is for the "MEET SHEET". The Meet Sheet is a booklet with all the names, pictures, hometowns, majors, former high schools, and interests of everyone matriculating at Rice this year. They'll be laying around during O-Week, so scavenge yourself one. Choose your picture with care, too, because the Meet Sheet will also be around to haunt you for the rest of your Rice career. =)</p>

<p>Have fun!
SRC '04</p>

<p>//said that she'd most like to have a torrid affair with Beethoven
//ended up dating a music composition grad student</p>

<p>//never lived that one down... =)</p>

<p>Oh.... and NEVER let ANYONE take away your copy of The Newcomers Guide (aka Meet Sheet).</p>

<p>The delay, if I had to guess, is probably due to some colleges having their act together a little quicker than others. Don't worry, it'll come.</p>

<p>wait...colleges? as in residential colleges? so you think we've already been randomly placed into our residential colleges?</p>