Info needed about Queen Mary

<p>I'd appreciate any information anyone can provide about Queen Mary - academic courses, particularly the English dept; campus; reputation of the school; location in London; and general college life for a spring semester abroad.</p>

<p>Bump...could really use some information about Queen Mary, Univ of London - Has anyone from the northeast been there for a semester, & if so, please describe what it was like.</p>

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<p>I've been there to attend a few seminar and I have a friend who did a masters there. I think he enjoyed it academically (and the seminars I attended were good also) and it does have a good academic reputation. The main campus is nice, modern and has obviously had a lot of money spent on it. However, my friend was mugged twice in the area of the campus in one year, once right outside his own front door (he is also a foreign student like me). </p>

<p>The main campus is in a place called Mile End (on the red tube line on the underground map). This is in the centre of London, though well hidden in the East End. It is in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. If you Google this place, you will soon learn this place has a reputation in England for being centre of world crime. It is also not very far from a part of Hackney famously known as "Murder Mile". Mile End is very diverse and has lots of ethnic cafes and restaraunts, especially Turkish. But there are many other places you can go in London that are also like this, and not half so dangerous. </p>

<p>see BBC crime rates survey
BBC</a> News | Cracking Crime</p>

<p>Bear in mind England is very safe in general and volent crime is rare. This makes the stats look even worse. There are so many places you could go, even within London itself, which would be much safer, that I personally would not attend this university (though I must point out that nothing has ever happened to me at Mile End, in London or anywhere else in the UK). </p>

<p>Do NOT walk round Mile End by yourself after dark alone, ever (and bear in mind it will be dark at 4pm in the winter, though it's not so bad then because there are still people around on the street at the time)! It can be quite scary in broad daylight.</p>

<p>Cupcake - Thanks for your input. Does anyone have any info about the Univ of Manchester or the Univ of Sussex? I will try the uk board as well.</p>

<p>I'm going to Queen Mary for Spring '09. If you go to the Queen Mary website, you can get a list of courses. They have the only real campus of any of the London unis.</p>