Info on Colby Sawyer College

<p>Does anyone have information or personal experience regarding Colby Sawyer? D2 went to a discovery day here and since made it her number 1 choice. Any info would help.</p>

<p>The median SAT of the student body is lower than the average SAT for HS students in America. The student body is < 1,000 students.</p>

<p>gadad, Colby Sawyer is a school that has a reputation as being a good place for LD kids. I am not surprised its SAT scores are low but that may not be the best measure for this school. </p>

<p>I lived near there a million years ago and knew a little about the school. The area is generally rural and beautiful. The school is small, was rather non-diverse and heavily leaned female. The people I knew who attended had all become teachers and spoke favorably of it. </p>

<p>A similar school in the area you may want to consider is New England College. Again, it’s a small school with a good repuation for LD kids-- hands on, supportive, accesible teachers; also very white and, back in the dark ages, the kids I knew who attended were wealthier than most. I don’t know if that’s still true.</p>

<p>A lot of kids from my community go to Colby Sawyer. </p>

<p>Besides being less selective, it is a school that offers some majors that not every college offers…such as nursing, education, exercise and sports sciences, and business administration. So beyond liberal arts, it has some career oriented majors. </p>

<p>My daughter’s college ski team raced against Colby-Sawyer. Colby-Sawyer happens to have a top notch team.</p>

<p>An average or even below average student who wants a small college in a beautiful area and wants a major like sports management or nursing, might want to look at Colby Sawyer.</p>

<p>Both Colby Sawyer & New England College are not very well regarded locally. </p>

<p>Now if your D liked Colby Sawyer, and you are in NY, why does she not look at Cazenovia, which is similiar in setting to Colby Sawyer?</p>

<p>[Programs</a> of Study](<a href=“]Programs”></p>

<p>Link for Cazenovia’s majors.</p>

<p>Can you get more specific as to why Colby Sawyer is not well regarded? Just curious the reasons. </p>

<p>Also, not well regarded by whom? It is not going to be well regarded by those who are very good students seeking much more selective colleges. For those students who are below average, this school is attractive to them. They can’t get into the more selective ones.</p>

<p>Thank you for the posts. D2 liked the feel of the campus and the organic chem class that she participated in. She looked at New England College and took it off her list. She wants to major in Biology. She thought this would be a good fit because her scores are low, its a small school and it will have varsity field hockey. Here are her stats:
SAT 1550: CR 460, M 530, W 560
GPA: 3.2
EC:Band 9-12
Field Hockey 9-12
Softball 9-12
Basketball 9-12
Humanitarian Club
All County Band 9,11
Volunteer: Habitat for Humanity, Local Soccer League
Hook: URM</p>

<p>Looking for small schools in NY, VT, NH, MA, PA only with Varsity Field Hockey.</p>

<p>What about Green Mountain College? What is its rep?</p>

<p>Cross-posted. I have no idea if GMC has varsity field hockey.</p>

<p>Both Cazenovia College and Colby Sawyer take chances on kids that have no chance at more selective colleges. Some make it, some don’t. The 4-year graduation rate at Colby-Sawyer is around 50%. At Cazenovia it is about 33%. (The 5-year rate at C-S is 58%, while the 5-year rate at Caz is 43%). </p>

<p>Neither school is inexpensive, although Cazenovia runs about $8-9,000 less than Colby-Sawyer.</p>


says whom?
they are not Dartmouth, Bates or Bowdoin but it’s a stretch to say they are not well regarded. US News actually ranks Colby Sawyer higher than Cazenovia… if rankings mean anything. Here are the rankings and similar colleges:
[Baccalaureate</a> Colleges (North) Rankings - Best Colleges - Education - US News and World Report](<a href=“]Baccalaureate”>
E-town, Messiah, LVC, Stevenson, Elmira, Roger Williams, Seton Hill all have varisty field hockey. I know kids at many of these who likes these schools and some who played hockey. </p>

<p>rentof4 - I think Colby Sawyer would be a great choice for your daughter.
Small baccalaureate college - if she likes it she may do well with the personal attention.</p>

<p>Guys, Colby-Sawyer College Admissions has surpassed 10000th Facebook fans milestone earlier this year, and their page numbers are still growing!! You can view the page at [Colby-Sawyer</a> College Admissions - Education - New London, NH | Facebook](<a href=“Facebook”>Redirecting...)</p>

<p>Have you considered Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH? Field hockey, small size classes, extra academic support, beautiful campus. The school has a lot to offer. They also have an honors program, so you have some very successful students with higher stats, and some students who could not get accepted to Dartmouth, etc. My D received the best financial aid offer of all schools she was accepted to. She is in the honors program. She is loving the school.</p>

<p>@gadad, median is not the same as average. That would be “mean”. The median is simply the number in the exact middle of a group of numbers when they are put in order like, 2,4,4,6,7,8,9, the median in this group is 6. If there are two middle numbers,then you take the average, or mean, of the two middle numbers to get the median. So, SAT scores, lined up and find the median, could vary greatly from what the actual average of those same scores would be. I hate when “median” housing prices are listed, etc, because it really doesn’t tell you very much at all! (Sorry, math teacher here, just had to point this out! Confuses my students all the time.)</p>

<p>Here are some interesting facts about Colby-Sawyer. ;)</p>

<p>Success after College</p>

<p>· 98% of our graduates are either career employed or in graduate study within 6 months of graduation.</p>

<p>· 41% of our graduates are hired by companies who sponsored their Colby-Sawyer internship.</p>


<p>A Colby-Sawyer education is affordable. 98% of our students receive financial assistance from the college and we are committed to supporting 4 year graduation rates.</p>

<p>Early Action
With Colby-Sawyer’s high enrollments and wait lists over the past few years, it is an advantage to apply through the early action admission program–a non-binding application that includes an additional $2,000 scholarship.</p>

<p>Since I don’t know how to start a new thread…BUMP.</p>

<p>D was accepted with a healthy merit package. AND just received notification of an additional scholarship award. AND that’s all before any needs based finaid. C-S is looking doable. D is impressed that C-S is recognizing her accomplishments. </p>

<p>D applied because of the SAT option, the sport’s science majors (hopes to go grad school PT PhD), the swim team, and because her high school college recommended. </p>

<p>What can anyone tells us about “life” on campus. Clubs? Internships? Opportunities for involvement? School organized trips and outings? Do most of the kids stick around on the weekends? What do they do for fun? D likes to have fun–sports, street art shows, community service projects et al. She does not like to be “trapped inside”. </p>

<p>What about academics? She attends a private high school and is surrounded by engaging, challenging, class environments with allot of interpersonal interaction. She wants a “bigger experience”–what ever that means. I’d like her to be in environment where she can find support from teachers and peers. D is determined to graduate in four years and not to transfer. (I support this) </p>

<p>She wants to be as far away from California as possible. I have a hard time imaging her living across the country. Are there other kids from far away? </p>

<p>We live in southern california. She’s never been exposed to a legit winter (yearly ski trips to the sunny sierras don’t compare to a long dark NE winter) I’m concerned that my endless summer SoCal surfer girl will feel isolated and bored and stuck in woods. </p>

<p>We’ll be visiting in two weeks. What should she know before hand? Tell us about the good and the bad.</p>

<p>[Lake</a> Sunapee Protective Association](<a href=“”></p>

<p>New London, NH is a very nice town in the Lake Sunapee Region, there is also a ski area close by.</p>

<p>The Cost of Attendance for Colby-Sawyer runs around 50k/ year as I am sure you know.
We have known families to take Colby-Sawyer off the table as they could not afford it, not enough financial aid. That may have changed however.</p>

<p>There is a lot to do in the Lake Sunapee region, a beautiful area in NH.</p>

<p>Two girls/friends from my daughter’s high school are at Colby-Sawyer, and they absolutely love it. They are both athletic (intercollegiate athletes) and very, very outdoorsy, and both are good students who seem to be getting a lot out of their academic experiences, even though (per an earlier poster), the school isn’t maybe on the high end of the reputation scale (of course, it’s hard to compete with some of the best LACs in the country found up in that neck of the woods). At least one, maybe both, are PT/sports science students, like your daughter. I can’t tell you a lot about clubs, etc. but they both are very busy and involved in campus life and are exceedingly happy with their college experiences. </p>

<p>As SLUMom said, there are a lot of great outdoor activities in that area, and although I haven’t seen it, i have heard the campus is quite nice and has a real “collegiate” feel. I do not think your daughter will be trapped inside! </p>

<p>Maybe most importantly, these friends of my daughter’s are two of the friendliest, most kind, lovely, delightful young ladies I know. :)</p>

<p>Thanks Rocky and SLU. Ya kno’ the “rep thing” matters very little to me. D is a bit more concerned. I think she’ll need to find out more about C-S’s possible internships and career options and grad school admit rates.</p>

<p>SLU, You are correct C-S is very pricey (like most LACs). Fortunately, C-S awarded some nice merit programs and scholarships, which made the price more affordable. </p>

<p>Any other input…?</p>

<p>In the spirit of paying it forward… After D’s overnight visit. Colby Sawyer rose from “might as well visit” to “I loved it”. This school really shined and is now a front runner. I’m so glad we took the detour to visit. </p>

<p>D loved the “feel” of the school, the many other students she met, the warm friendly environment, the campus, the out-doorsy activities, the class she monitored, the food, the supportive athletic department and so on… </p>

<p>Would like to hear from anyone with real time experience (current student, Parent, Alum) about internships and job placements… </p>

<p>She’s in a toss-up between CS and another LAC with a significantly better rep. Gonna be hard choice.</p>