info on UCSD

<p>I think I want to attend UCSD and major in biology/pre-med, but I've never even visited the place. Can anyone tell me about the atmosphere? I heard that most of the people study all the time, you know that joke. "UCSD stdents spend XX amount of hours studying...and .0002 socializing." I appreciate any info anyone has.</p>

<p>The D of a friend goes to UCSD and she was disappointed with the social aspect of UCSD. She felt that there wasn't anything on campus that brought kids together after classes and on weekends--like a good college sports program, for example. For her, a UCSD education with the San Diego State athletics would be perfect.</p>

<p>UCSD has a pretty campus as far as UC schools go - lots of Eucalyptus trees and, of course, the ocean is right down the street. My son did a summer program at UCSD and we weren't impressed with the dorms, but they're probably pretty typical of any UC. There is not very much in terms of restaurants, bars, stores within walking distance of the campus but there are some malls within a short drive. I'd say you'd definitely want a car at UCSD. Downtown La Jolla is fun to walk around in but not geared towards the pocketbooks of most college students.</p>

<p>The main issue with UCSD is that so many students live off-campus. Because the immediately surrounding area is very high rent, most live in apartments that are a 15-20 minute drive away. The result is that social life doesn't tend to revolve around campus very much and it can be difficult to strike up friendships. On the other hand, the people that I personally know that go to UCSD don't strike me as academic grinds - they tend to be hard-working serious students but they don't study "all of the time" </p>

<p>For biology/pre-med, UCSD is excellent. It is surrounded by bio tech research firms and institutions which offer lots of internship possibilities. The quality of education is very good but make sure you visit before you decide to attend. If you're looking for a hot party scene like UCSB or a college-town atmosphere like UCB, you won't find it at UCSD.</p>