Info on UNC Asheville appreciated

<p>S has been accepted as an in-state Laurels and honors scholar at UNCA for fall of 2013. Can anyone provide info on the quality of this school? I know it has high ranking as a public LAC, but how would it compare to top national LACs? I am familiar with the city of Asheville, so that's not the issue. The campus is not exactly ivy-covered, but how are the academics? He attends a very rigorous high school and I am concerned about challenge. Of course it is attractive financially, but that's not the only consideration for us, although full tuition at a private would be beyond our reach. He had hoped to attend an LAC out of state, but that may not be an option. He was also admitted to UNC Chapel Hill, but really wanted a smaller school. Any information would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I would love some information, also, so I will bump. I wish this board weren’t so dead.</p>